Zelensky said about the fatigue of those “who do not fall under shelling”

People in Ukraine who are away from the fighting should not forget that the affected regions need their help, Zelensky said

Vladimir Zelensky

Fatigue with the topic of hostilities in Ukraine exists not only abroad, but also in relatively safe regions of the country that are not close to the zone where they are being fought, President Volodymyr Zelensky said during a conversation with students of Israeli educational institutions. The video was posted on his Telegram channel.

The President of Ukraine called for helping the affected regions, including through volunteer work. He noted that many students who work online collect money, food and medicine for residents.

Zelensky spoke about world fatigue from military operations in Ukraine in early June. “Fatigue is growing, people want some result for themselves. And we need a result for us,»,— he declared (quote from RBC Ukraine), adding that “everyone wants to push us to some result, definitely undesirable for us, because we are not asked.” This is how he reacted to the CNN article that the US, Britain and the EU are discussing ways to resolve the situation in Ukraine without the participation of representatives of Kyiv.

Mikhail Podolyak, an adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, speaking to Ukrainians, said that it is very difficult to live in conditions of hostilities, “and therefore some today are trying to hide from the war and return to the pre-war type of life.” He noted that such a desire & mdash; it is a natural psychological reaction, but at the same time “classic self-deception”, “because nothing ended.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who visited Kyiv last week, urged London and Western allies to be prepared for a protracted conflict. He also said that against the background of the prolongation of hostilities, it is important to continue to support Ukraine and the UK will do so. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noted that no one knows how long the hostilities will last, but the alliance should be ready to help Kyiv if they drag on.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said that all the tasks of the military operation in Ukraine will be fulfilled. On February 24, announcing its start, he stated that Russia was striving for “demilitarization and denazification”; neighboring country, as well as to protect the inhabitants of Donbass from the “genocide” that, in Putin's opinion, was carried out by Kyiv. Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, in turn, pointed out that the Russian side “is not chasing deadlines”; conducting a military operation.

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