Zelensky compared NATO policy to turnstiles in the Kiev metro

Zelensky said that Russia is conducting military operations in Ukraine “for the right to dictate conditions in Europe”, in connection with which he demanded that the West support Kyiv with weapons, finances and politically

Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukraine needs to receive from NATO security guarantees, and members of the organization must find a place for the country in a common security space. This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his address to the participants of the NATO summit.

He compared the “open door” policy to NATO with old metro turnstiles in Kyiv. “They are open, and when you come in, the turnstiles close until you pay. Has Ukraine not yet paid enough? Is our contribution to the protection of both Europe and the whole of civilization still insufficient? What else do you need then?»— asked Zelensky.

In addition, the Ukrainian leader stressed that military operations in Ukraine are being conducted “for the right to dictate terms in Europe”, in connection with which the West must support Kyiv with weapons, finances and politically.


So, Ukraine needs modern anti-missile and air defense, Zelensky added. “The distance from Kyiv to Madrid is less than the range of the missiles that are being used today against us. How can one state respond to such a threat without the help of partners? asked the President of Ukraine.

According to Zelensky, Russia looks at the world differently— not like the NATO countries. If the West sees Lithuania as a member of the alliance and an independent state, then for Moscow this country is still a republic of the USSR.

«For us, this is the past, but they see it as a possible future, they want to enslave it again. They look like that. And also— for every state that is a neighbor of Russia», — he added.

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In 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking about the military operation in Syria against IS militants (a terrorist organization banned in Russia), drew a parallel with his childhood in Leningrad.

«Even 50 years ago, a Leningrad street taught me one rule: if a fight is inevitable, you must strike first»— then Putin said.

The NATO Summit is taking place on June 28 & 30 in Madrid, where members are discussing a new NATO strategic concept document.

Thus, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo, upon arrival at the alliance summit, said that the Ukraine can only be resolved by military means and that NATO should continue to support the Ukrainians in the face of Russia's special operation.

Western officials have repeatedly noted that they intend to build Ukraine's ability to resist on the battlefield and to have a stronger position at the negotiating table with Russia. In particular, this was announced in early May at the White House, calling this position the role of the United States. The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, expressed a similar opinion when he said that “this war must be won on the battlefield.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called Borrell's statements “out of the ordinary.” He considered that such words symbolize “a very serious turn”; in the policy of Western countries towards Russia. Lavrov also saw the EU's intention to make Ukraine “a foothold for the final suppression of Russia.”

The Kremlin has repeatedly said that the possible entry of Ukraine into the alliance threatens Russia's security, and NATO itself was accused of “pumping” Ukraine with weapons and “invasion” on the territory of the country “with its own infrastructure”.

Russia perceives forceful containment by the West as a threat to the national security of the country, said in February, before the start of the special operation, President Vladimir Putin at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“The forceful containment of Russia is perceived by us in as a direct and immediate threat to national security, which the legal agreements on the basis of the drafts [agreements on security guarantees] submitted by us are designed to remove, — he said.

Putin then said that the US and NATO were “free enough, in their favor” interpret the key security principles that are fixed in many pan-European documents, and Russia cannot turn a blind eye to this.

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