YLE: “Gazprom” began to burn gas that did not reach Europe

The Finnish edition writes about a huge torch on the border with Russia.

Due to a serious reduction in gas supplies to Europe via “Nord Stream” the company “Gazprom”, according to media reports, burns excess fuel.

Journalists estimate the scale as industrial.

According to the Finnish YLE, referring to NASA data and testimony According to eyewitnesses, a giant torch flared up near the Russian-Finnish border on June 17.

Not far from the place of fire is the impression station “Portovaya”, which provides gas pumping.

Torch visible on the other side of the border, the publication points out.

The NASA monitoring system has the same data, despite the fact that there were no other fires during this period.

As TASS specified, Gazprom introduced restrictions on blue fuel via Nord Stream, reducing volumes from 167 million to 67 million cubic meters per day at the beginning of summer.

The company said that the reason for this was a malfunction of the equipment

Therefore, two turbines that were serviced in Canada did not arrive on time.

As Topnews wrote, the other side said that the acceptance of the equipment “Gazprom” slows down itself, delaying customs documents.

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