Will the plague come to Russia?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 25. Tariff makes waves 22/06/2022 Expert answer 0 + –

— Plague — this is a dangerous infection, which is manifested by severe intoxication, fever with damage to internal organs and inflammation of the lymph nodes (bubonic form), & nbsp; & mdash; explains infectious disease doctor, Ph.D. Evgeny Timakov. — Natural foci of plague have always been and remain. The infection is transferred from rodents to humans by blood-sucking insects (usually fleas). You can get infected both by contact with the rodent itself, and by from a sick person. Unsanitary conditions lead to infection. What we see, for example, in Ukraine: a lot of corpses, there are no measures to prevent the spread of infection by rodents. In addition, in biological laboratories in Ukraine, experiments were conducted with pathogens, including plague. Plus open migration flows from places where plague infections are possible. There are cures for the plague. Those at risk of infection are vaccinated.

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