Why is the term of study in the master’s program planned to be reduced to one year?

The Ministry of Education and Science proposes to reduce the terms of study in the master's program in some specialties to one year. About this in an interview with the TV channel “Russia 24” said Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov.

Why is it proposed to reduce the period of study in the master's program?

Falkov explained that the master's program often duplicates training in bachelor's and students spend time on what they have long studied.

«One year — quite enough, but sometimes it is necessary in order for a specialist to become a higher class or the quality of education to be higher, — explained the head of the Ministry of Education and Science. 

Which directions are proposed to be changed?

Changes are proposed to be made, according to the minister, in specialties related to information technology and engineering. But the list of directions will be replenished, the Ministry of Education and Science is sure. 

As for the non-core magistracy, it may disappear from the Russian education system altogether. Falkov spoke about its possible ban earlier. The Ministry of Education and Science thought about the return of the “historical specialist”, although they did not rule out that a smooth and consistent restructuring could “stretch for many years.”

Who may have problems with the reduction of training periods?

According to experts, the innovation may create a problem for students who studied at the magistracy to defer from the army, writes BFM.ru. As a rule, after completing three stages of education (including postgraduate studies), future specialists turned 27 years old and reached the upper limit of military age. Now students can simply complete their studies at an earlier age.

When will the innovation come into force?

It is noted that the initiative to change educational programs is planned to be sent to the government for consideration this autumn. And next year, the innovation may already be launched. It is expected that at first the new program will work in test mode, since, according to Falkov, the import substitution of the Bologna system will take many years.


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