What weapon can be used for self defense?

On June 29               come into force in     weapons for self-defense. The corresponding order on forensic requirements for technical characteristics of civilian and service weapons, as also cartridges for is published on the official Internet portal of legal information on June 20, 2022 . The document was signed by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

What is the essence of the order?

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has approved a list of forensic requirements for each of the types of weapons that can be used in Russia for self-defense. According to the current legislation, this type of weapon includes:

  • firearms, smooth-bore long-barreled weapons;
  • firearms of limited destruction (traumatic weapons);
  • gas pistols and revolvers;
  • stun guns;
  • mechanical sprayers, aerosols and other devices filled with tear or irritant substances;

Long-barreled smoothbore weapons< /h2>

As stated in order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, long-barreled firearms for self-defense:

  • must not have in devices for silent shooting in its design;
  • must not must have mechanisms and  parts that ensure firing in bursts;
  • weapons must form traces on spent cartridge cases containing a set of features sufficient for its identification;
  • the  changes include the use of ten rounds and more;
  • the  weapon must have markings of the individual number, applied on the barrel, bolt, drum, frame and receiver, if their presence is provided for by the design of the weapon;
  • the depth of the individual number — not less than 0.2 mm;
  • a design that allows, without reversible changes, to make the length of the weapon less than 800 mm and save the ability to shots;
  • a design that allows, without reversible changes, to make the length of the weapon less than 800mm and save the ability to shots. smooth-bore long-barreled firearms, should not have in their design devices for silent shooting, should be easily recognizable by the spent cartridge cases, have markings (the depth of the individual number — not less than 0.2 mm).

    In addition, such weapons must not be made from combat hand-held small arms and service firearms, including those deregistered in state paramilitary organizations. And & nbsp; its design & nbsp; allows & nbsp; without irreversible changes to fire cartridges for & nbsp; firearms designed to hit the target,' the document says.

    Gas guns and revolvers

    In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, gas pistols and revolvers, as well as traumatic weapons (firearms of limited destruction), must not ) or change weapon configuration.

    “Limited firearms, gas pistols, and revolvers must not be designed to allow the barrel to be detached from body part or breech without irreversible change. Fixation should be carried out with steel pins that do not allow their  extraction without irreversible changes, — said in order.

    Gas pistols and revolvers are also subject to mandatory marking (an individual number is printed on body parts, if their presence is provided for by the design of the weapon). And the protruding elements in the bore should not shall allow the weapon to be converted for firing with "thrown equipment for traumatic cartridges".

    Stun guns

    According to forensic requirements, electric shock devices and spark gaps of domestic production must be marked with an individual number.

    Mechanical and aerosol dispensers

    Mechanical and aerosol dispensers must be marked with the name of the manufacturer and model, and the name of the tear or irritant.

    In addition, the order describes the forensic requirements for hunting, signal, training, edged, throwing, service and other types of weapons.

    Source: publication.pravo .gov.ru/Document/View/0001202206200040

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