What kind of new version of the Tor air defense system will be created in Russia?

Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant “Kupol” began the development of the next version of the short-range air defense system “Tor”. The new machine will receive new software that allows you to shoot down almost any low-flying target.

A more advanced version of the Tor air defense system; will receive a new module, which will implement new technical solutions tested in the Arctic. Also for the complex will be used twice the ammunition, software that has been tested when firing at low-flying targets.

Infinite modification

Divisional autonomous self-propelled air defense system “Tor” was developed at the Research Electromechanical Institute (NIEMI) in Moscow in the late 70s. In the spring of 1986, the complex was taken into service. Since the adoption of the air defense system, there have already been three waves of deep upgrades that have dramatically increased its combat capabilities, and work on improving it continues uninterruptedly. Currently, there are various modifications of the air defense system. These are Tor-M1TA, Tor-M1B, Tor-M1TS, Tor-M1-2U, Tor-M2E, Tor-M2K, Tor-M2DT ; and others. SAM «family» “Tor-M2” are a modern modification of “Tor-M”; and are considered today one of the most effective short-range systems. In 2019, the wheeled version of Tor-M2 was presented. The main distinguishing feature of the complex — the ability to fire on the move without stopping.


SAM “Tor-M2” designed to provide air defense for motorized rifle and tank brigades of ground forces on the battlefield in all types of combat operations. It was created to repel massive attacks by enemy aircraft and high-precision weapons. It is capable of hitting air-to-ground missiles, guided and corrected bombs, anti-radar missiles, as well as tactical and army aircraft, cruise missiles, helicopters and drones.

Previously, these complexes were used only to cover troops. They can also be used to protect civilian objects. They can be used to protect critical infrastructure facilities, including covering nuclear power plants, industrial plants, fuel depots, as well as schools, hospitals, bridges and overpasses.

What it consists of

The air defense system includes three firing batteries (a total of 12 combat vehicles). It consists of a combat vehicle (BM), which includes a target detection station (SOC), a guidance station (SN), a computer, a launcher, etc. This is the only air defense system today that can be transported by a helicopter on an external sling. There are no more such air defense systems in the world.

“Tor-M2” can carry out combat work in the so-called conveyor mode. This means that the firing channel, released after the missile is aimed at the target, can be immediately used to aim the next missile. In addition, the air defense system has the ability to exchange radar information between two combat vehicles, which helps to expand the detection zone. At the same time, the air defense system can hit targets in the area of ​​responsibility of any radar.

Characteristics of the Tor air defense system

The latest modifications are able to detect goals at a range of up to 32 thousand meters. At the same time, it detects 45 air targets, accompanies 4. The maximum range of destruction is 16 kilometers, the minimum — kilometer. The maximum altitude for destroying targets flying at speeds up to 700 meters per second is 12 kilometers, the minimum — 10 meters. “Reaction” time from target detection to missile launch — 5-10 seconds. The ammunition load is 16 9M338 missiles, which have an extended kill zone and increased firing accuracy, according to manufacturers, up to 99%. Calculation of a combat vehicle of 3 people, loading time of 18 minutes. BM deployment time from traveling to combat position is 3 minutes.

Who is in service?

Various modifications of the Tor air defense system, in addition to Russia, are in service in Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan Venezuela, Greece, Egypt, Iran, China, Cyprus and a number of other countries. In 2019, the Russian Ministry of Defense signed a contract for 100 billion rubles. for the supply of Tor-M2, the systems will be delivered to the Russian troops until 2027.



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