What is the Candle of Remembrance campaign?

Plot of the Great Patriotic War

«Candle of Memory» — international memorial action dedicated to June 22, the Day of Remembrance and Sorrow for the beginning of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. It was first held in Tyumen in 2004 with the support of the Youth Creative Association “People in Black”. and youth “Experimental Shakespeare Theatre”. Now the action is held throughout Russia, as well as abroad.

How is the “Candle of Remembrance” campaign?

On June 21 and 22, participants in the action “Candle of Memory” candles are lit in memory of those who died in the war: in churches, on memorials, at home. You can also join the action in an online format: on the website of the Day of Remembrance. a virtual candle.

And in the cities it has become a tradition to install “fiery pictures of war”; — volunteers make various images from thousands of candles. Also, during the action, poems dedicated to the Great Patriotic War and songs of the war years are heard.

In 2022, the 14th action “Candle of Memory” is held, timed to coincide with the 81st anniversary of the start of the Great Patriotic War. According to the established tradition, the first candle was lit in Moscow on June 21 at 14:00 in the Yelokhov Epiphany Cathedral, where the first liturgy for the future Great Victory took place 81 years ago. Further, the action took place on Poklonnaya Hill, in the Moscow Cathedral Mosque and the Memorial Synagogue. Commemorative events were held in the capital's Museum of the Great Patriotic War, in Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill and near the Eternal Flame near the Kremlin wall.

On the evening of June 21, the action was also held in various regions of the country and abroad. In Makhachkala, activists depicted the hoisting of the Banner of Victory over the Reichstag from candles, in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky — map of Russia, in Chita — portrait of sniper Semyon Nomokonov. In Lugansk, in the park of Heroes of the Great Patriotic War, stars were laid out from candles. In Mariupol created a 160-meter inscription “Remember 06/22/1941” out of 10 thousand lit candles.

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