What is known about the Poseidon information anti-corruption system?

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putinsigned a decree on the Poseidon anti-corruption information system. Its coordinator will be the presidential administration, and the operator — Federal Security Service.  

The system was created to increase the efficiency of activities prevention of corruption and other offenses. 

“In the system” Poseidon ” contains information provided in the cases and in the manner provided for by the regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, as well as information on compliance (non-compliance) with restrictions, prohibitions and requirements established for the purpose of combating corruption by persons subject to such restrictions, prohibitions and requirements, including including the personal data of these persons”, — the decree says.

According to the document, the system will contain information provided in cases and in the manner prescribed by regulatory legal acts. 

What are the main tasks of the “Poseidon” system?

The decree lists the main tasks of the “Poseidon” system. Among them:

  • automation of inclusion in the Poseidon system; information received, as well as providing access to system data;
  • information and analytical support for internal and external users of Poseidon, including compliance with anti-corruption requirements;
  • formation of analytical materials on combating corruption;
  • interaction with other information systems on anti-corruption issues.

The system is designed to increase efficiency in the prevention of corruption offenses. It will contain information about how civil servants comply with anti-corruption laws, as well as their personal data. 

As stated in the decree, within three months the procedure for interaction between Poseidon will be determined; with other information systems. The bodies and organizations that provide information to the system will also be identified. Information will be provided free of charge.

Consulting support on working with “Poseidon” will be provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation.



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