Venezuelan President Maduro called on the West to lift anti-Russian sanctions

“European and American elites are deaf and blind”

Many of the world's largest countries have imposed sanctions against Russia for conducting a special operation on the territory of Ukraine. However, not all national leaders see them as effective, as Western actions also backfire. Thus, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called for the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions because of their negative impact on developing countries.

Photo : AP

During a speech broadcast on Maduro's official Twitter page, the Venezuelan leader said that anti-Russian sanctions should be lifted. Maduro noted the need to normalize the economic situation in the world, from which the states of the global South suffer.

According to the President of Venezuela, restrictive measures against Russia are like a boomerang that hit not only the states that imposed sanctions, but also the rest the world. Maduro noted that some call the behavior of Europe and the United States “economic suicide”.

The Venezuelan leader stressed that the European and American elites are “deaf and blind” and they do not want to see the real state of affairs because for their own pride, a sense of superiority and a desire to “take revenge on Russia”.

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