Vedomosti learned about the advice not to travel abroad for assistants to deputies

According to the sources of the publication, assistants when applying for leave must indicate that they will not travel abroad. The interlocutors of the newspaper are not aware of possible sanctions for violating this recommendation

In the State Duma, assistants to deputies were advised not to go on vacation abroad, Vedomosti writes. with reference to sources in the Duma.

“When applying for a vacation in the personnel department, it is now required to manually write on the form that “no vacation is planned abroad”, & mdash; said one of the interlocutors of the newspaper. According to him, they also have a conversation with assistants, in which they explain that one should not travel abroad due to the difficult geopolitical situation.

Another source pointed out that there is no direct ban on leaving, but rather “advice or recommendation.” “It's normal practice for a boss to know where a subordinate is on vacation,” — noted the source of the publication. He also indicated that “no sanctions or restrictions” no, another source noted that they were not aware of whether there could be any consequences for leaving Russia.

Another source of the publication in the State Duma expressed the opinion that “it is strange at the present time, when the country is in such a situation, to go abroad on vacation,” since some assistants to deputies have access to classified documents and they should ask permission to leave. At the same time, you can travel to the countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (for example, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) without restrictions, the source of Vedomosti added.

Previously, similar restrictions in The Duma began to operate for members of the faction of the United Russia party: they must receive permission to leave from the head of the faction, Vladimir Vasiliev. As Alexander Sidyakin, head of the party's Central Executive Committee, deputy secretary of the party's general council, pointed out in March, the ban had been in effect for several months by that time and did not apply to business trips abroad.

In February, the head “Roskosmos” Dmitry Rogozin instructed to exclude travel abroad on business trips and on private matters for employees of organizations in the rocket and space industry, in connection with “the aggravation of the geopolitical situation and the sanctions policy pursued by leading foreign states against Russia and its citizens.” The ban also affected previously planned trips.

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