Ukraine has stopped the transit of Russian oil to Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The Ukrainian side called the reason for the lack of payments.

In “Transneft” confirmed that “Ukrtransnafta”, which is responsible for the transit of Russian gas to Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, cut off the supply of fuel through the southern branch of the “Druzhba” oil pipeline system.

The reason the impossibility of the Russian side to make a payment due to EU sanctions was named.

As RIA Novosti was told by the adviser to the president & # 8220; Transneft & # 8221; Igor Demin, it happened on August 4th. Oil pumping “completely stopped”.

He also clarified that Belarus continues to pump Russian oil to Poland and Germany.

The expert explained that Kyiv was pumping fuel to 100% prepayment basis. However, when Russia transferred the money for transit, they returned to PJSC “Transneft”.

It is assumed that the reason for the failure of the payment that was sent by Gazprombank was the seventh package of EU sanctions, one of which imposes a ban on servicing a credit institution. That is why, according to Demin, “Ukrtransnafta” did not receive money.

The fact that payments cannot be made, according to Demin, is already known to the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and “Ukrtransnafta”, Russian shippers, acting as oil suppliers to Hungary, the Czech Republic, have also been notified and Slovakia.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that at the end of May, Russian tankers with oil drifted into the sea due to lack of demand for it.


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