Two more “Abramovich’s yachts” spotted off the coast of Turkey

The entire “Abramovich fleet” worth more than $1.2 billion is located in Turkey: two more ships were noticed there, which are associated with the businessman. In March, the entrepreneur came under the sanctions of Britain and the EU. He decided to challenge the restrictions in court

The entire “Roman Abramovich's fleet”, which fell under EU and UK sanctions, is “safe and sound”: off the coast of Turkey, in addition to the Solaris and Eclipse yachts previously seen there, two more ships were noticed— a Halo yacht and a Garcon support vessel, LuxuryLaunch said.

According to the MarineTraffic vessel tracking service, the 68-meter Garcon vessel is located off the port city of Fethiye in southwestern Turkey, while the 55-meter Halo yacht is in the port Gocek in the south.

“This means that the entire fleet of luxury superyachts of the sanctioned Russian billionaire worth more than $1.2 billion is in Turkey, unless other vessels belonging to Abramovich are found,”— writes LuxuryLaunch.

RBC sent a request to Abramovich's representative.

In April, authorities in Antigua and Barbuda, an island nation in the Caribbean, reported that two of Abramovich's yachts had docked there. halo and garcon. They suggested that the UK confiscate these vessels. However, Antigua and Barbuda cannot seize property unless the person has committed a crime in the country, writes LuxuryLaunch. And as a result, on July 22, both ships left its waters. And before that, in March, two more “connected with Abramovich” were noticed off the coast of Turkey. yachts— 140-meter Solaris and 160-meter Eclipse.

The UK and the EU in March imposed sanctions against a number of Russian businessmen, including against Abramovich. They believe that the entrepreneurs on the list are closely connected with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

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