The State Duma called effective ways to influence the debtor for alimony

The State Duma has listed several ways that may affect the alimony debtor. They are published in the Telegram channel of the lower house of parliament.

Firstly, you can send a writ of execution to the company where the debtor officially works. The accounting department will be obliged to fulfill it. Up to 70% can be deducted from the debtor's salary. Also, a writ of execution can be transferred to the FSSP branch at the place of residence of the defaulter.

Secondly, it is possible to recognize the debtor as missing through the court. This will entitle the child to receive a survivor's pension. This can be done if the bailiff could not find the debtor within a year from the date of receipt of the latest information about him.

In addition, the defaulter can be held administratively and criminally liable. Punishment may threaten not only in case of refusal to pay alimony, but also in case of partial non-payment. 

Also, the debtor may be restricted from traveling abroad and the right to drive a car if the debt exceeds 10 thousand rubles.

A malicious violator can be deprived of parental rights. Then the obligation to pay alimony will remain with the debtor, but he will not be able to receive them from the child in old age.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Justice has accelerated the process of lifting the ban on debtors to travel abroad.

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