The military correspondent spoke about the call from Chechnya because of Taira from Azov

Journalist expressed hope that law enforcement officers will establish the truth

Minister of Information of the Chechen Republic Akhmed Dudayev called military journalist Irina Kuksenkova to clarify the situation with the exchange of the ex-member of the Azov Regiment ( recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and banned) Yulia Paevskaya (call sign Taira). The war correspondent of Channel One spoke about this in her Telegram channel.

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“(Dudaev) stated with full responsibility that neither Isa Khachukaev nor (deputy representative of the head of Chechnya in Crimea) Murad Saidov had anything to do with the fact that Taira ended up in Ukraine. If so, then this is good, and the further circle of searches is narrowing, ”Kuksenkova shared the details in her publication.

According to a military reporter, the Chechen minister charged her with provocation and undermining the authority of the republic. At the same time, a journalist covering the course of Russia's special operation in Ukraine indicated that she knows how “Chechens fight desperately and shed their blood.” The journalist stressed that the situation with the exchange of Tyra is not about nationality, but about bribery. As Kuksenkova noted, military correspondents are only trying to understand the situation and get to the bottom of the truth. “And who extradited the Nazi Taira to Ukraine – a resident of the Ivanovo region, Bashkiria or Chechnya – is not even a question,” she shared her point of view, adding that, according to information from her sources, the issue of Saidov's son Adam Gritsenko (Ukrainian citizen) was dealt with by the deputy head The GUR of Ukraine, Colonel Dmitry Usov.

Kuksenkova reported that Usov released Gritsenko from custody in Zaporozhye after Paevskaya ended up in Kyiv-controlled territory. The military reporter expressed the hope that law enforcement officers would figure out who and on whose instructions he released the Nazi.

Earlier, on June 19, the military commander of the First Channel, Irina Kuksenkova, said that “big showdowns” were expected in the DPR due to the exchange of the ex-member of the Azov regiment. that Paevskaya was exchanged for Gritsenko, but there was no confirmation.Some time later, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov denied these reports.

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