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On June 20, the admission campaign for the colleges of “Professionality” started. — a new progressive type of secondary technical education, which will allow not only to master a profession, but also to find a job immediately after receiving a diploma.

The most important meaning of the new project — involvement of business in the partnership management of educational organizations, maximum practice orientation. All participating enterprises are simultaneously potential  employers.

Already this year, the students of “Professionality” there will be 150 thousand children in various regions. Thanks to the national project “Education” in a short time, these children will be fully immersed in their chosen profession and will be able, having real experience in production, to immediately receive a decent salary in a job guaranteed to them. Students will be able to study in modern workshops prepared just for them. This will not only improve the quality of study, but also make it interesting.

Today, more than 2,200 workshops have already been equipped with new modern equipment, which will receive their first students on September 1. And by 2024, it is planned to open more than 5 thousand such workshops. By the beginning of the academic year, 70 educational and production centers are being created, including more than 250 modern colleges in 42 regions of Russia. And by 2024, the “clusters of the future” will be 210.

Training will be conducted for the needs of the most priority sectors of the economy: the nuclear industry, railway transport, metallurgy, mechanical engineering (including aircraft and shipbuilding), the chemical industry, agriculture, light industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the mining industry. In order for teaching to be at the highest level, 9,000 future teachers will undergo training organized by federal operators, including the all-Russian children's center “Change”, the management workshop “Senezh”; Presidential Platform “Russia — Land of Opportunities” and the Artek International Children's Center. In order to fulfill the requests of the federal project “Professionalism” at the proper level, they will receive the skills to organize educational programs to meet the needs of employers and the economy, and improve their pedagogical and production skills.

Acceptance of documents for admission to the program “Professionalism” in the first Omsk cluster will start at the end of June. Three specialties will be opened this year: “Maintenance and repair of engines, systems and units of vehicles”, “Technology of production and processing of agricultural products”, “Operation and repair of agricultural machinery and equipment”. 11 employees of the College of Agribusiness of the Omsk State Agrarian University named after P. A. Stolypin (Omsk Region) have already completed the course “Organization of educational work in educational institutions of the secondary vocational education system”. They will begin to teach according to the standards of “Professionalism” since September 1, at the full-time  stage of study at the All-Russian Children's Center "Change" in the Krasnodar Territory attended lectures, seminars, practical classes, project workshops, classes on the development of educational activities, conflict management and project activities.

«I myself — a young professional. And such training is especially valuable to me, & mdash; & nbsp; a new teacher is shared by Salia Aimbekova . — A trip to the project “Professionality” gave me the opportunity not only to consolidate my existing knowledge and gain new ones, but also to communicate with senior colleagues from different regions of the country. The classes were varied, which made it possible to look at educational work from different angles, to identify the most constructive and effective ways to resolve all kinds of situations in order to put them into practice in the future.

 two clusters will open at once in the Tomsk region. Specialization of the first  "agriculture", the second —"railway transport". The latter opens on the basis of the Tomsk railway transport technical school. A number of local teachers who will be involved in the “Professionality” have already completed advanced training. Three teachers after the distance course visited the All-Russian Center “Smena” in person. There Tatiana Avdeeva, Ekaterina Babenkoand Elena Rylskaya underwent practical training in emotional intelligence and time management, in practice they showed and proved the merits of working as a well-coordinated team, developed and defended the project of an educational event.

The only educational and production cluster of the mining industry in Russia will be created in the Kamchatka Territory on the basis of the Kamchatka Polytechnic College. Local teachers are preparing for the start of training and taking advanced training courses: in such events in Smena; 3 teachers from Kamchatka took part in person:Anna Andrienko, Marina Midtsevaand Margarita Sidalisheva. They mastered  time management practices, learned how to resolve conflict situations, and were trained in team building. In addition, they were told about the basics of public speaking and methods of drafting projects at project workshops.

You can learn more and choose the right program and cluster for yourself on the YaPROF.RF website.

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