Roskosmos published images of “decision-making centers” for the NATO summit

Roskosmos published the coordinates and satellite photos of NATO's “decision centers” Medvedev said earlier that Russia could strike at decision-making centers “not in Kyiv”

State Corporation “Roscosmos” published on the day of the start of the NATO summit satellite images of objects in the countries— alliance members. The summit takes place from 28 to 30 June in Madrid.

“While representatives of the 30 countries of the alliance, as well as partners and candidates, will deal with the strategic concept until 2030, Roscosmos publishes satellite photographs of the summit venue and those same “decision-making centers” that support Ukrainian nationalists,— says in the publication of “Roskosmos” in Telegram.

Also, Roskosmos published the coordinates of the objects, as the organization explained: “So, just in case.”

The coordinates correspond to the buildings taken from the satellite:

  • in Washington— The White House and the Pentagon;
  • in London— point on Downing Street next to the British Foreign Office and the Prime Minister's office;
  • in Paris— coordinates of the Elysee Palace;
  • in Berlin— coordinates of the office of the Federal Chancellor of Germany;
  • in Brussels— NATO HQ coordinates.

The coordinates of the object from the satellite image in Madrid are not indicated in the publication, however, the photo itself has the signature IFEMA— short for Institución Ferial de Madrid. This organization holds fairs, exhibitions, congresses and other public events. Its congress hall is located in Madrid.

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According to Il Mundo, the summit will be held in the IFEMA pavilions in the Spanish capital. Because of the NATO summit, increased security measures were introduced in the city. In particular, according to the newspaper, the Interior Ministry sent an additional 12,000 police officers from other regions of the country to the capital. Together with the capital's police officers (also about 12 thousand people), they will carry out the tasks of protecting the leaders of NATO countries and their delegations, as well as ensuring the security of events.

One of the stated goals of the summit&mdash ; to agree and approve the strategic concept of NATO development for the next ten years, until 2032.

Russia in the new concept of the alliance will appear as the main threat, Bloomberg wrote earlier and said US representative to NATO Julian Smith.

China, according to Bloomberg and the Financial Times, will appear as a “system challenge” for the values, security and interests of the members of the North Atlantic Alliance. In the previous version of the NATO strategy, published in 2010, China was not mentioned at all, and Russia was mentioned as a partner.

The current NATO Strategic Concept was adopted in 2010. It notes the need for a “strategic partnership”; with Russia. The main tasks of the alliance in it are called collective defense, crisis management and security through cooperation. The 2020 NATO report on NATO reform identified Russia as the main military threat to the alliance until at least 2030.

Russia sees NATO expansion as a threat. At the end of 2021, Moscow put forward a demand for NATO to provide legal guarantees for the non-expansion of the alliance to the east, and also sent draft security guarantees to the United States and NATO. Also, Russian officials have repeatedly said that Moscow opposes Ukraine's accession to NATO.

Negotiations on these documents have not yielded concrete results.

On February 24, Russia began special military operation in Ukraine.

At the end of May, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, commenting on the words of US President Joe Biden that Washington does not plan to supply Ukraine with weapons capable of delivering strikes on Russian territory, said that in the event If Russian cities are still attacked, Moscow may strike “not at Kyiv”, but at the centers where these “criminal decisions” are made. “Some of them are not in Kyiv at all,” — Medvedev stressed.

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