Milonov urged the Russian Foreign Ministry to close the entry to the Baltics for Russians

In connection with the increasing cases of unfriendly attitude towards Russian tourists in European countries, State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov drew attention to the fact that one should not go to places where vacations can become dangerous. He spoke about this during a press conference on Friday, August 19.

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“For There are many other destinations for recreation. I am now in Abkhazia, next to me are friends from France, they are absolutely normal people. Russophobia is not an everyday phenomenon, it is the ideology of the modern West. However, a Russian person does not pay attention to this, therefore it is impossible to offend a Russian person,” Milonov noted.

Milonov specified that Russophobia is a type of violation of human rights on a national basis, the same as anti-Semitism for Jews .

The deputy also noted that the Russian Foreign Ministry should have issued a directive prohibiting Russian people from visiting the Baltic countries, where they risk encountering the deliberately aggressive behavior of local residents.

“Moreover, that in the current situation, we would not want our tourists to leave their money in NATO member countries. Today it is simply not safe, the local population is very aggressive,” Milonov summed up.


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