Macron called the rise in energy prices in the EU a shock

Macron called the rise in energy prices in the EU after the start of the operation in Ukraine a shock He also denounced those who “got rich on the geopolitical context”, receiving super profits from the production of energy resources

The rise in energy prices after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine was a shock for Europeans, French President Emmanuel Macron said during a press conference -conference after the G7 summit.

“The conflict [in Ukraine] unbalanced energy prices, for the Europeans, obviously, this was a very strong shock.” said Macron.

He also stressed that oil and gas prices need to be better contained.

Macron also denounced those who made super profits from the sharp increase in energy funds, saying that they “got rich on the geopolitical context.” “We can clearly see that as we speak, producers are making windfall profits from oil and gas. After the crisis, world markets rose sharply. Is there any justification for such a sharp rise in prices? No»,— declared the president.

This spring, protests were held in some European countries due to rising prices. In Britain in April, citizens protested against the rise in energy prices after the authorities increased the price cap for gas and electricity by 54%.

The Guardian attributed the price increase to the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic on production, as well as military action in Ukraine, because of which European countries restrict the import of Russian oil and gas.

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In late May, British energy regulator Ofgem warned that electricity prices in the country could rise by another 42% by October. “The price changes that we see in the gas market really happen once in a generation, not seen since the oil crisis of the 1970s,” — clarified the head of Ofgem, Jonathan Brearley.

In France, taxi drivers and truck drivers protested in March, who were dissatisfied with rising fuel prices. They lined up on the roadways in different cities of the country, moving very slowly and thus practically blocking traffic.

President Vladimir Putin believes that Russia is not to blame for rising energy prices. The “short-sighted policy” led to this; The European Union, which speculated on the topic of green energy, he believes.

“I personally believe that many political forces in both the United States and Europe have begun to speculate on the natural anxiety of the inhabitants of the planet for the state of the climate, for climate change , began to promote this “green” agenda, including in the energy sector”, — he emphasized, adding that the possibilities of alternative forms of energy were overestimated. In his opinion, the importance of hydrocarbons began to be “belittled”, which led to a lack of investment in the industry.

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