Johnson declared the impossibility of Ukraine’s entry into NATO

Ukraine's accession to NATO in the near future has never been even “closely possible”. This was announced on Thursday, June 30, by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a press conference in the Spanish capital Madrid, which was broadcast by Sky News.

«It was never even close to possible that Ukraine would join the NATO at some time in the foreseeable future, — he declared. — Everyone knew this.

Earlier on Wednesday, June 29, members of the alliance demanded that Russia “immediately stop” NWO & nbsp; in Ukraine, and from Belarus — “cease your complicity” in her. NATO countries also accused China of seeking to “undermine the international order.” According to the Secretary General of the organization Jens Stoltenberg, our country “should withdraw its forces and end the conflict”, while the alliance will continue to support Ukraine to ensure that it remains “an independent and sovereign European state.” 

The day before, Jens Stoltenberg also said that the Russian military operation in Ukraine could drag on for years. Boris Johnson called on the allies to prepare for a protracted war in Ukraine until the complete victory of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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