In which direction did Berdimuhamedov Jr. lead Turkmenistan: reprimands, reprimands, bans

After Serdar became a Haji, mass mosques began to be built in the country

Three months ago, the new president of Turkmenistan took office. Instead of Gurbanguly, the country was headed by Serdar Berdimuhamedov. A young face flashed on the screens of Turkmen TV, but the “rejuvenation” of the authorities did not actually happen. The same “pumping” and dressing down ministers at meetings, the same more and more bans in public life. The “apple from the tree” fell very close. Still, it is interesting to see what deeds the new Berdimuhamedov has done in Turkmenistan and what Berdimuhamedov Sr. is doing now.

The daily information summary in the country looks quite familiar: “Failed import substitution. Two vice-premiers fired”, “Serdar Berdimuhamedov issued a severe reprimand to the head of the State Committee for Water Management for problems with irrigation of fields”, “Serdar Berdimuhamedov was dissatisfied with the progress of digitalization in Turkmenistan, vice-premiers were reprimanded”, “Reprimands were issued to vice-premiers responsible for trade and Media”, “The heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are punished”. It is perhaps difficult to find an official who has not fallen under the “presidential distribution” over the past three months.

However, they are not used to it. Under Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, not a single meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers was without reprimands and dismissals. Here, Serdar acts according to a well-established scheme – he keeps civil servants in good shape. Well, society, so as not to relax, constantly throws up new prohibitions. Most recently, it goes to women: they cannot have cosmetic procedures, have abortions, and even ride in the front seat of a car. Not to mention how to manage the “iron horse”. In the evening, you can’t get into a private car at all. The new president of Turkmenistan has a difficult relationship with the weaker sex, apparently.

But there are some differences in the management style of the heir. He is not as sociable as his father, not as versatile – he does not write books, he does not sing songs. And although he took over from his father the position of head of the Turkmen National Olympic Committee and now leads the traditional Saturday bike races of officials, he does not do it with such incendiary and enthusiastic ways as his parent. But Serdar is more mobile: in just three months he visited several countries. On June 2, he went on a visit to Saudi Arabia, having made a small hajj – that is, a pilgrimage – not in the month intended for the hajj, but at any other time of the year. And now the official name is Serdar Haji Berdimuhamedov. Apparently, the heir is more religious than his father. Gurabanguly ordered to build Sports Palaces and Palaces of Culture in each velayat. Serdar instructed to build a new mosque in each city. Perhaps the influence of Saudi Arabia is the reason for the tough innovations in relation to women.

Already on June 10, Serdar went to Russia. Moreover, he brought with him for the cortege a white armored AURUS of Russian production, the price of which reaches 70 million rubles. In Moscow, the heir signed a declaration on in-depth cooperation with the Russian Federation. Then he went on a visit to Iran. In principle, it is already possible to draw a conclusion about the foreign policy priorities of the new leader of Turkmenistan. Despite the fact that Serdar studied in Switzerland and then worked in Geneva for several years, Eastern values ​​are closer to him than European ones.

Although some steps, clearly going beyond the traditional clan society in the country, attracted the attention of journalists. Quite scandalous was the situation around the dismissal of Serdar's aunt Gulnabat Dovletova from the Red Crescent Society. The relative of the president was not only removed from the “trough”, but also demanded to return about 60 million manats ($17.1 million at the state rate) to the treasury. Otherwise, they threatened to initiate a case – for corruption and the use of state funds allocated to the Red Crescent Society for personal purposes. As stated in the investigation of the Turkmen independent media, the society's funds went into the pocket of Gulnabat's daughter, who opened a shopping center and a restaurant in Dubai with this money. And the cars listed on the balance sheet of the Red Crescent were operated by companies owned by Gulnabat's husband. The aunt's son-in-law used the Red Crescent Society as a “roof” for his financial fraud. . Through the organization, expired products, canned food and cigarettes were imported into the country, which were then sold in the shopping centers of the same son-in-law, Shamurad Rejepov. By the way, they say that Serdar “tackled” his aunt's family not because he is such a fighter against corruption, but because he has a rather strained relationship with Rejepov, who is his cousin. Immediately after the inauguration of the young Berdymukhammedov, Shamurad hurried to leave the country. All his accounts in Turkmenistan were frozen.

The friends of Serdar's cousins ​​also got it. The President of Turkmenistan ordered the Ministry of Internal Affairs to conduct a raid to identify “reckless drivers” on expensive cars. The police caught about 30 “majors” driving along the Ashgabat highways at a speed of under 200 km. Two-thirds of them turned out to be friends of Serdar's cousins. All of them were waiting for a fine and public repentance on camera.

And what is Berdimuhamedov Sr. doing while his heir establishes a “new order” in the country. Having dumped the burden of governing the country on his son Gurbanguly, he does what he loves. First, he writes books. A month and a half ago, his next creation was presented to the people – 57 in a row. And the book was presented by President Serdar himself. The memoirs entitled “The Meaning of My Life” were presented at a meeting of the country's Cabinet of Ministers. In addition to literary creativity, Gurbangulv also delved into architecture and urban construction. Under his supervision, a new capital, Akhala, is being built in the country, which is being built practically from scratch. The city was founded during the presidency of Gurbanguly, and now it has come to settling and designing quarters. In the Turkmen media, one can see reports of how the ex-president enthusiastically chooses the design of street signs or makes adjustments to the city's main monument, the Arkadag horse. Let us remind you that Arkadag is the honorary title of Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, which literally means patron. The new capital will have Arkadag Square, the center of which, according to the idea, should be the “golden horse”. So the ex-president has enough to do…


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