In Britain, they called for the creation of an army capable of “defeating Russia”

The British need to “prepare the army again for war in Europe”, said the new commander of the British troops Patrick Sanders 91/756556330103916.jpg” alt=”Britain urged to create an army capable of “defeating Russia” />

Great Britain must create an army capable of “defeating Russia” together with the allies, said the new commander of the British troops , Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Patrick Sanders, The Independent reported.

“Now it is urgently necessary to create an army that can fight alongside our allies and defeat Russia in battle,” — he said in an address to the British military.

Sanders also expressed the opinion that the current generation of British people should “re-ready the army for war in Europe.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier in an op-ed for The Sunday Times urged allies to prepare for a protracted conflict in Ukraine as he sees the fighting attrition.

He called for providing Ukraine with weapons, ammunition, accelerating the training of the Ukrainian military, helping to maintain the “viability of the Ukrainian state”, which requires constant funding.

In April, Johnson admitted that hostilities in Ukraine could continue until the end of 2023 and Russia “may win.” “The sad thing is that this is a real possibility,” — he said.

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During the Russian special operation, the British prime minister visited Kyiv twice, the last time— June 17. During negotiations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, he promised to provide Kyiv with 120 armored vehicles and anti-ship systems, as well as additional loan guarantees for $500 million from the World Bank.


Johnson also suggested starting an operation to train the Ukrainian military outside the country. According to his plan, every 120 days it is planned to train up to 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers, which could “fundamentally change the balance of power.”

Since the start of the Russian special operation, the UK, along with the United States and financial assistance. According to the British Prime Minister, support for Kyiv should be continued, despite the danger of “Ukraine fatigue”.

The Russian side has repeatedly criticized Western countries for military assistance to Ukraine. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that by supplying Kyiv with weapons, NATO countries are entering into a “proxy war”; with Russia. He also said that Western weapons on the territory of Ukraine would be the target of Russian troops. During the special operation, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported several times about the destruction of warehouses with Western weapons in Ukraine.

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