Import substitution in the energy sector. Anniversary MIEF 2022 kicks off in Moscow

On April 26, the 20th Anniversary Moscow International Energy Forum “Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the 21st Century” started. The forum takes place in the Government House of Moscow. Forum Main Agenda — ecology and import substitution.

The forum was organized by the Russian University of Economics. G. V. Plekhanov and Gazprom"PJSC.

Director of the department of the oil and gas complex of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation Anton Rubtsov, Director of the Department of Strategic Development and  Corporate Policy of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Aleksey Matushansky, Deputy Head of the Department of Gazprom PJSC Sergey Khan, Chairman of the Public Council of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use Evgeny Farrakhov, Head of the Scientific Laboratory “Digital Technologies of Tariff Regulation” VSHTR REU them. G. V. Plekhanova Vladimir Podoprigoraand many other federal officials, scientists, and public figures.

Development of production in Russia

A large block of speeches was from representatives of business. So, for example, the Chairman of the Board of Directors «Chromos Engineering» Andrey Pakhomovspoke about plans for the development of the company's production in Russia and outside   — in India, UAE and other countries. Products «Khromos» today, in condition with better quality, to replace virtually all equipment used in energy sector and previously supplied by such western companies as "Emerson" and "Siemens". Development plans were also announced by representatives of the Ilma company, which deals with innovative technologies for sealing detachable joints of industrial and power equipment, representatives of the Pipe Metallurgical Company; and other corporations.

An interesting report was made by the head of the “Ecology of Russia” project, adviser to the general director of JSC “AiF” Nikolai Tereshchenko, who drew the attention of the forum participants to the fact that the problem of import substitution is not only Russian. In the near future, both the United States and other countries will have to deal with the return of production to their territory. And in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to launch the processes of mass project financing as soon as possible, which is urgently needed today for small and medium-sized businesses. This — lending for a period of three years, at a low interest rate and with minimum collateral. With the mass introduction of such lending into the banking system, the growth of the economy of the Russian Federation will be 10-15% per year, and this is confirmed — in 1999-2007, in many ways it was due to project financing that growth was already ensured. There are all the methods and technologies for this, there are personnel, and the University named after M.V. G. V. Plekhanova.

Environmental component

Also, the forum paid a lot of attention to environmental issues. In in particular, Sergey Bobylev, Head of the Center for Bioeconomics and Eco-Innovation, Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov, drew attention to the fact that all projects for new industrialization must be included in calculations of project evaluation the environmental component and in general, the impact of projects on people's health and life expectancy. Estimating the economy only in terms of GDP growth today does not reflect the full picture and is too simplified. The topics of sustainable development of the fuel and energy sector and the economy as a whole were also devoted to the second day of MIEF 2022.

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