How do we relax on New Year and Christmas holidays in 2023?

New Year holidays in 2023 will last nine days — from December 31st to January 8th. This was announced by the Ministry of Labor in its Telegram channel.

The department clarified that it had prepared a draft resolution on the postponement of the weekend. “Weekends on January 1 (Sunday) and January 8 (Sunday), coinciding with non-working holidays, are transferred to February 24 and May 8, respectively,” — the message says.

Which days will the New Year and Christmas holidays fall on in 2023?

In 2022, December 31 falls on a Saturday, so this day will also be a non-working day. Russians will rest on the following dates:

January 1, Sunday;

January 2, Monday;

January 3, Tuesday;

January 4, Wednesday;

January 5, Thursday;

January 6, Friday;

January 7, Saturday;

8 January, Sunday.

How many days off will there be in January 2023?

Taking into account the New Year and Christmas holidays Russians will have 14 non-working days in January 2023. In addition to holidays, these are the following weekends:

January 14 and 15, Saturday and Sunday;

January 21 and 22, Saturday and Sunday;

January 28 and 29 , Saturday and Sunday.


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