Forever in love. Elon Musk’s women he met and lived with

In the last month alone, Elon Musk has twice been involved in high-profile love stories. First, journalists learned that the large founder of SpaceX had two illegitimate heirs from one of his employees. And later, The Wall Street Journal accused the businessman of divorcing Google co-founder Sergey Brinwith his wife Nicole Shanahan. Allegedly, the family collapsed due to Musk and Shanahan's affair.  Elon has already called this information “complete nonsense”, so the SpaceX founder's love affair with Nicole remains a big question, which cannot be said about his other novels. We remember those who fell into the network of a loving entrepreneur.

Justin Wilson

The phrase “Elon Musk’s first wife” was forever attached to this woman; Justin herself once called herself a “startup wife” in an interview; and she was right.

The couple met at the university — two ambitious students who want to conquer the world simply could not help but get married. The wedding was played in zero. A few years later, Justine became pregnant, but the sonNevadadied at 10 weeks of age. “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome”, — doctors will explain to Musk and Wilson the reason why they lost their first child.

It took time for the couple to decide to become parents again. Only in 2004, with the help of artificial insemination, two heirs of — Griffin and Xavier. In 2006, the Masks became even more thanks to triplets Damian, Saxon and Kai.

Five children did not seal this union, in 2008 the marriage collapsed. Justin, whom Elon once admired and called his “copy”, ceased to interest the businessman. Wilson did not want to change herself and her appearance to please her husband, she refused to give “beauty injections”, lighten her hair or remove cesarean scars. Without thinking twice, Musk found a replacement for her.


Talulah Riley

At the time of meeting the businessman, the actress was only twenty-something. If Riley's predecessor — Justine Wilson dreamed of becoming a world famous writer, Talulah saw herself as a movie star. By the way, the press wrote that the former and at that time the new love of the businessman found a common language. Musk's first wife herself took a step towards the girl and offered to become friends.

It was rumored that the relationship between Musk and the aspiring actress began when he was married. The SpaceX founder denied this, but generally tried not to advertise life with Riley. She took the same position. It is not surprising that no one knows about the reasons for the separation of the spouses in 2012, by that time they had been legally married for almost three years.

Musk allegedly found solace in the arms ofCameron Diaz. This version was based on rather dubious facts: the actress bought herself a Tesla car and was once seen in the company of a businessman. The version of the romance of a Hollywood star with a billionaire did not live long, because in 2013 Talulah and Elon again went down the aisle. The second attempt to build a family also failed.

Elon Musk and Talulah Riley. 2013 Photo:

Amber Heard

If the affair with Cameron Diaz was more like a duck,  withAmber Heardeverything was present. But here, too, there is one important question to which there is no unequivocal answer. Ex-husband HurdJohnny Deppassured — the actress started an affair with a businessman just a month after their wedding. Musk insisted that the relationship began after the divorce of the movie stars.

Ilona was suspected not only of having taken someone else's wife away, but also of having a relationship with two women at once — one of them is Hurd, the other —Cara Delevingne.  Do I need to explain that the businessman denied such rumors about himself and the model: “Cara and I are friends, but we have never been close. She will confirm it.

Amber never became the wife of a billionaire, as she could not build a long relationship with him. Representatives of the actress said that Musk was the first to put an end to it, the reason for this was “a mismatch in work schedules.” Elon insisted that Hurd left him herself, and he was very worried about the decision of the chosen one. “I was really in love, and of course I was hurt,” — businessman admitted.

Claire Boucher (Grimes)

Claire Boucher — perhaps the most unusual darling of a businessman in his entire life.  A lover of outrageousness met Musk on social networks. The couple announced their romance with their joint appearance at the Met Gala in 2018. For the ball of the Costume Institute, the lovers chose outfits in black and white. At the same time, the singer had a decoration with the Tesla logo on her neck, which spoke for itself.

Two children were born in the third marriage of the billionaire. The parents gave the first-born such a name that there is no way to pronounce it the first time even they themselves — XÆ A-12. The second baby was born when Elon and Claire had already separated (it must be said that this was not the first separation, they constantly converged and diverged for several years). A surrogate mother gave birth to a girl to ex-spouses a year ago. By the way, according to Business Insider, in 2021 Musk had not one, but three   heirs. The mother of the twins was the top manager of Neuralink Shivon Zilis. In the spring, the couple went to court to give the children their father's surname. 


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