El Pais learned about the point on territorial integrity in the concept of NATO

The strategic concept will include a clause on the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the allies. So NATO plans to supplement the principle of collective defense, which does not apply to Spanish territories in Africa .jpg” alt=”El Pais learned about the territorial integrity clause in NATO's concept” />

NATO will include “protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity” in its new strategic concept; members of the alliance, which will become its fundamental mission, writes El Pais, citing sources familiar with the draft document.

NATO's Strategic Concept defines the alliance's long-term strategy. It outlines NATO's goals and fundamental security objectives, as well as the challenges and opportunities the alliance faces.

(2010) outlined three main objectives: collective defence, crisis management and cooperative security.

The territory subject to the collective defense of NATO countries in accordance with Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty is now limited to the Euro-Atlantic space in Europe, North America, the Asian part of Turkey and the islands north of the Tropic of Cancer. As El Pais notes, this wording excludes Ceuta and Melilla— Spanish territories in northern Africa. Madrid is concerned about their protection— in particular against the backdrop of recent tensions with Rabat. They escalated in the spring of last year, when it became clear that the General Secretary of the Polisario front, which advocated the independence of Western Sahara, was being treated in a Spanish hospital. The situation worsened when several thousand migrants entered the territory of Ceuta from Morocco. The Spanish authorities then accused the Moroccans of blackmail. This spring, Spain supported Morocco's plan for the autonomy of Western Sahara, but the migration crisis in both Ceuta and Melilla remains unresolved.

The inclusion of such a clause in the strategy will serve as a powerful political signal that NATO intends to defend its territory. According to El Pais, the need for such a message is justified by the conflict in Ukraine.

The newspaper also reports that NATO countries will announce at the summit that the number of troops on the eastern flank will almost double. In March, the alliance reported that it had 40,000 soldiers under its direct command on the eastern flank.

The alliance's new strategic concept is expected to be adopted at the summit, which will be held in Madrid from 28 to 30 June. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said the document would form the basis of “an era of strategic rivalry.” He said that Russia would no longer be marked in the strategy as a partner, but as a threat to the bloc's security. The Italian representative of the alliance, Francesco Maria Talo, said that China would be included in the strategy, without specifying in what status.

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