An elderly DPR fighter midshipman described the path from the builders to the front line

Military officer “MK” transmits from the special operation zone

My return to Donetsk began with a visit to the international brigade “Pyatnashka”. By an inexplicable coincidence, despite the fact that I had heard a lot about the exploits of the fighters of this unit for a very long time and a lot, I only had a chance to visit them and get to know them personally.

Photo: Lina Korsak

– Do you want us to introduce you to the founder of the artillery dynasty? – without hesitation for a minute, one of the fighters offered me in response to my request to chat with an interesting hero. While waiting, the interlocutor said:

– “Midshipman” is a real legend of the unit. He is the most ordinary resident of Donetsk. Although we call him in the sea – “Midshipman”, but in civilian life he is a builder. In 2014, he stood up for his land. He went through all the artillery: cannon, self-propelled, jet. Now serves as a mortar. He began his military career in the Vostok battalion.

An elderly man with a gray-haired head and a face cut with deep wrinkles was clearly discouraged and embarrassed by such increased attention to himself. But he nevertheless agreed to talk:

– When the war began in 2014, at first I doubted: I could – I couldn’t, I’m not a kid anymore. But he went anyway. And two days later it already seemed to me that I was born with a gun, – says the foreman.

“Midshipman” had a chance to serve under the leadership of the hero of Novorossia Alexander Zakharchenko. He was appointed foreman of the jet battery. After he transferred to self-propelled artillery, he rose from ordinary positions to a gun commander.

– We had the best battery, – he notes not without pride.

As was often the case in the Donbass, on the whole family stood up to defend their native land. So it was with the “Midshipman”.

– My son, in 2014, he also went with me, – he recalls. – Now he serves in the “five” (“five” – ​​the 5th regiment of the DPR. – “MK”). Already a gunner. I also have a grandson. This year he turned 18. At the beginning of the special operation, he signed a contract with the Russian army. Appointed commander-gunner on the MLRS “Hurricane”. Now near Kherson somewhere. I don’t know exactly where, there is no connection.

– It turns out. Dynasty, so to speak. I am the founder. I have mortars, my son has a Saushka, and my grandson has a Hurricane in general…

In 2019, when it seemed that the situation in the Donbass had more or less stabilized, Midshipman retired. But with the beginning of the special operation, without any hesitation, he decided to return to duty again.

– The son calls his mother: “Hide the documents, otherwise the folder will run away to the front again.” But I'm not a fool, I have a photocopy of my passport in the car. The wife, of course, was offended at first, but then she understood everything. And so I serve now …

When it comes to service, the smile leaves his face. He starts talking like a true military expert:

– In the current conflict, the Ukrainian counter-battery is working well. This cannot be ignored. Almost every “exit” is fixed by enemy drones. It got serious. But we have something to oppose to their NATO developments. The Msta-S howitzer, the Coalition system – they are many times superior to all their Western features. Shells “Krasnopol” generally hit snipers. I am sure that now the Russian army will pull them up and put the Armed Forces of Ukraine in one place. And they're not going anywhere. The Americans will definitely not fight for them. Ukrainians are cannon fodder for them…



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