Why did the HRC propose to ban children under 18 from riding electric scooters?

The Presidential Human Rights Council (HRC) of Russia has put forward a number of initiatives proposing to tighten the rules for using electric scooters. Among them – prohibition to drive a vehicle for persons under 18 years of age. Izvestia writes about this with reference to information from HRC member Kirill Kabanov. 

We are ready to consider the proposal in the State Duma. 

Why do HRCs propose to ban children under 18 from riding electric scooters? 

The main human rights activists of the country proposed to ban children under 18 from driving electric scooters and a number of other restrictive measures after a series of accidents involving this vehicle. So, according to REN TV, June 14 a man died on Marshal Katukov Street in Moscow, who was driving an electric scooter. On June 11, according to Izvestia, a five-year-old girl lost control of a fashionable vehicle on the territory of the Moscow VDNKh. She was hospitalized with a concussion, a fracture of the frontal bone and collarbone. On June 5, an 83-year-old resident of Moscow died after a collision with an electric scooter. Similar cases, the newspaper writes, occur in other cities.

Against the background of such incidents, members of the HRC intend to propose amendments to the rules of the road and send them to the government. On June 27, this issue will be discussed by the HRC Permanent Commission on Civil Participation in the Development of the Law Enforcement System, the newspaper writes.

What other measures to tighten the rules for driving an electric scooter does the HRC offer?

According to Kabanov, it is necessary to introduce compulsory liability insurance for electric scooters and other similar vehicles. It is also proposed to oblige fans of electric scooters to obtain special category rights to drive this type of vehicle.

In addition, as a member of the HRC noted, the concept of an electric vehicle (ETS) should be included in the rules of the road (SDA). It is also necessary to indicate the principles of using ETS, he added.

“Why, for example, do bicycles have to move along dedicated lanes, and an electric scooter, which is heavier and faster than a bicycle, can move along pedestrian space? It is necessary to allocate a separate zone for them, », — concluded the expert.

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