What will change in the operation of the Anti-Phishing system of the Ministry of Digital Investigation?

The Ministry of Digital Development will block fraudulent websites that are disguised as official portals without a court decision. It is reported by “Kommersant” citing a source familiar with the situation.

According to the publication, the ministry plans to expand cooperation with the Prosecutor General's Office within the Anti-Phishing system; to restrict access to fraudulent sites. 

How Anti-Phishing Works and what are its goals?

The Ministry of Tsifry launched the anti-phishing information system; in June 2022. It automatically detects sites that masquerade as official resources of government agencies, companies, popular marketplaces and social networks.

The anti-phishing system allows you to receive information about fraudulent resources, track new, re-registered and transferred domains at a speed of up to 1 million addresses per hour, stop phishing sites, etc.

In just two months of testing the project, 30,000 scams were detected. suspicious sites, including sites that are copies of government resources, online casinos, fake accounting services, sales of fake tickets, documents, etc. Of these, 9,000 portals were blocked.

How will Anti-Phishing work change?

According to “Kommersant”, at the moment the problem of “Anti-Phishing” lies in the fact that several months may pass from the moment of discovery to the blocking of the site as a result of the court decision. All this time, the fraudulent portal will pose a threat to citizens. At the same time, the Prosecutor General's Office will be able to make a decision much faster, a similar scheme is already used by the Central Bank. The Ministry of Digital Transformation told the publication that they are working together with the Prosecutor General's Office to block resources in accordance with 149-FZ (“On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”), while “the study of issues on making the necessary changes to regulatory legal acts continues to use IS “Antiphishing” for operational blocking of fraudulent resources.

What are phishing sites?

Phishing — this is a type of Internet fraud, with the help of which attackers gain access to personal information of citizens, including logins and passwords, as well as bank card data.

Thus, phishing sites — these are fake websites of government agencies, credit organizations, social networks, online stores, etc. They disguise themselves as original portals, but contain small and barely noticeable “errors”; in writing the address of the resource.




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