What new rules of “dacha amnesty” can come into force from June 1?

Chairman of the State Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov proposed to accept the “dacha amnesty” ahead of schedule. Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes about this with reference to the deputy. The document provides for the registration of dacha properties in a simplified manner.

When did the “dacha amnesty” begin to operate?

“Dacha amnesty” has been operating since 2006. From the very beginning, it was supposed to have a limited duration. However, the program was repeatedly extended for 15 years. During this period, 14 million citizens took advantage of it, the newspaper writes.

When was the law on the extension of the dacha amnesty supposed to come into force?

The law was to come into force on 1 September. According to him, “cottage amnesty” will last until March 1, 2031. However, as Krasheninnikov noted, due to the current difficult economic situation in the country, the law may come into force earlier. 

«The application of it [the law] will significantly reduce administrative obstacles and simplify the procedure for registering the rights of citizens real estate, including land. The term of entry is proposed to be changed to June 1, 2022, », — Krasheninnikov said.

Why did you decide to expand the rules of the “dacha amnesty”?

According to experts, the practice showed a number of problems that citizens had when registering their land plots with houses. Some issues have not been legally regulated. Therefore, it was decided to expand the rules of the “dacha amnesty” in order to make life easier for people, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta. 

How does the simplified mechanism of the “dacha amnesty” work?

Now there will be no need to apply to Rosreestr to acquire ownership of a house.

Lawmakers propose a new mechanism for simplified registration of rights to residential buildings and land plots. By the way, the innovations will also affect residential buildings built before May 14, 1998. However, it is worth remembering: these houses should be located within the boundaries of the settlement in the territories that are state or municipal property, writes “RG”.

How to register the rights to a house as part of the “dacha amnesty”?

To do this, you need to submit only one application to the local government, attaching a document confirming the fact of ownership of the house.&nbsp ;

By the way, legislators emphasize that the heirs of the owners of summer cottages will also be able to use the simplified mechanism.


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