What kind of state service to certify Internet correspondence do they want to create in Russia?

The Association of Professional Users of Social Networks and Messengers (APPSIM) proposes to create in Russia a state electronic service for notarization of web pages and correspondence in messengers and social networks. The organization applied with this initiative to the Ministry of Digital Development, Izvestia reports. with a link to the text of the letter.

Why do we need an electronic state service for certifying correspondence?

APPSIM explained that the new service is needed to record the actions of scammers who deceive citizens through correspondence. This must be done quickly, since instant messengers and social networks have the function of deleting messages from both interlocutors, which can be used by attackers to cover their tracks.

Can I just take a screenshot of the conversation?

The association says that screenshots of correspondence will not be accepted as evidence of fraud. Meanwhile,  Izvestia experts recall the decision of the plenum of the RF Armed Forces of 2019, which declares that screenshots can serve as evidence. However, in practice, courts rarely take uncertified screenshots and messages into consideration, lawyers admit.

Is it possible now to certify correspondence with a notary?

Yes, there is a procedure for certifying correspondence, but it is quite expensive — price starts from three thousand rubles. In addition, APPSIM notes that this service is not available promptly in all regions.

Experts note that plaintiffs often have to involve specialists to determine the authenticity of correspondence already during the trial.

How will the electronic service for certifying correspondence work?

According to the intention of the association the process of certifying correspondence using an electronic service may look like this:

  • A user logs on to his computer in special service.
  • Selects the address of the resource that contains the necessary correspondence.
  • Enters the username and password in the personal account.
  • Finds the necessary one in the correspondence and saves the page with necessary part of the dialog.
  • Verifies correspondence using the appropriate option.
  • APPSIM says that the electronic state service will simplify, speed up and make cheaper the process of certifying web pages or correspondence.

    According to Izvestia experts, correspondence recording services are also used abroad to use them as evidence in the investigation. In particular, the archive.org service is used for these purposes. On it, you can enter the address of a web page and view its version saved at a certain point in time.

    What did the Ministry of Digital Transformation say?

    The Ministry of Digital Transformation confirmed that they had received the APPSIM letter and promised to answer him. However, the department said that this issue is outside the competence of the ministry. «Izvestia» sent a request to the Ministry of Justice, no response was reported.

    Source: https://iz.ru/1374289/valerii-kodachigov/notarialnaia-uverennost-v-rf -khotiat-sozdat-gosservis-dlia-zavereniia-perepiski-v-seti

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