What kind of self-propelled guns “Phlox” began to be produced in Russia?

"Uralvagonzavod" plans to launch the production of new Phlox self-propelled artillery mounts. In the near future, state tests of these systems will be carried out, then the decision to adopt them for service will be made by the Russian Defense Ministry. It was previously planned that the production of these self-propelled guns would begin this year, but it was postponed. ” height=”533″ width=”800″ style=”display: block;” />

Russian 120-mm self-propelled artillery gun (SAO) 2S40 “Phlox”. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org


The army truck “Ural-4320”, proven for decades, was chosen as the chassis for the new gun. increased permeability. The car received a powerful diesel engine YaMZ-536 310 l. With. The chassis was partially protected from mines, tests showed that it can withstand the explosion of two kilograms of TNT, this leads to the separation of the wheels, but the engine is completely preserved. And even an explosion of 5 kilograms of TNT will not lead to the death of the crew, which, of course, is the most important thing in a war. In addition, the car received good armor protection of the sixth class, which means invulnerability to shots from the Dragunov sniper rifle and armor-piercing incendiary bullets. True, the sides have only the fifth class of protection, and the motor-transmission has the third class thanks to the armor casing.


The gun is placed on a special movable platform, which is put forward, if necessary, directly in front of opening fire. Most likely, this feature is provided by the recoil support.

Like other samples of the flower series, “Phlox” shoots both artillery shells and mines. The installation moves the barrel in the range from -2 to + 80 degrees, thereby allowing you to hit targets along a hinged trajectory, direct fire, that is, to throw mines almost vertically, like a howitzer.

“Phlox” received a rifled gun 2A80 caliber 120 mm, the gun is located in the back of the car. The maximum distance for firing is 13 kilometers when using high-explosive fragmentation projectiles and three kilometers for guided projectiles. The rate of fire is 8-10 rounds per minute, which is very good for such a weapon.

The autoloader has 28 shots ready for use, and another 52 are in stock. Ready to fire time is 20 seconds, which ensures the highest mobility. Finally, on the roof there is a Kord heavy machine gun. — its caliber is 12.7 millimeters.


The combat vehicle received a digital gun-computer system. In particular, it helps to receive and transmit data, process information, and prepare information received from various reconnaissance means for calculating parameters and corrections for firing. He is also able to adjust shooting depending on weather conditions, make adjustments after the first shot, and store information about targets in memory. This allows the ACS crew to quickly make adjustments depending on the situation on the battlefield. Automation also evaluates the performance of all weapon systems.

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