What is the yellow level of weather danger declared in Moscow?

The hydrometeorological center of Russia announced a yellow level of weather danger in Moscow and the Moscow region due to wind. This was announced on Wednesday, April 27, on the website of the institution. According to experts, Muscovites expect potentially dangerous weather.

In particular, it is reported about the wind, gusts of which will reach 15 m/s. Adverse weather conditions in Moscow will last from 9:00 to 21:00 on Wednesday, April 27. A similar warning applies to the Moscow region — from 10:00 to 21:00.

April 27 will be cloudy with clearings, there will be light rains, according to a leading employee of the Phobos weather center. Elena Volosyuk. According to her, the thermometer will not rise above plus 9-11 degrees, and in the region it is expected from plus 7 to plus 12 degrees.

What is the yellow level of weather danger?

For a clearer perception of weather forecasts containing warnings about adverse and dangerous natural phenomena, a color code was introduced. The designation allows citizens to communicate in an accessible way how severe the prevailing weather conditions are.

Thus, the code scale consists of four colors that describe certain levels of forecast weather risks:

  • Green. Does not pose a danger;
  • Yellow. The element is potentially dangerous;
  • Orange. The weather is dangerous;
  • Red. The weather is very dangerous.

The yellow weather level is potentially dangerous for humans and can even cause material damage to economic activities. As noted on the website of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, with a yellow level, precipitation, thunderstorms, gusts of wind, high or low temperatures, etc. are possible.

“They are common for the territory of our country, but at times they can pose a threat to certain types of socio-economic activities,” — It is noted on the department's website.

What will the weather be like in Moscow for the May holidays?

The cold snap, which began on Wednesday, April 27, will last until the end of the month, Elena Volosyuk comments on MSK1.RU. But on the May holidays, according to the assurances of the specialist, the situation will gradually improve.

“It will still be quite cool at night, the thermometers will be expected to be close to zero. In the daytime, it will gradually warm up to 10-15 degrees. By the end of the May Day weekend, by the 3rd, it is quite possible that it will already be 11 & 16 degrees during the day and the threat of night frosts will pass, — concluded the meteorologist.






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