What is known about the destruction of HIMARS in Ukraine from 5 to 20 July?

Plot Russia's special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine suffer significant losses in the weapons supplied to it by Western countries, said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov< /strong>. According to the Russian military, in the period from July 5 to July 20, four launchers were destroyed, one transport-loading vehicle of M142 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems made in the United States. This is done by high-precision ground and air-based weapons. 

The Russian Armed Forces continue to strike with operational-tactical and army aviation, missile forces and artillery against military facilities on the territory of Ukraine. As a result, 8 command posts and command and observation posts, 6 units of armored and motor vehicles were hit. The launcher of the Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile system was destroyed and over 40 units of special equipment. 

Russian air defense systems shot down 12 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in a day, intercepted two shells of the Uragan multiple launch rocket system. The losses of Ukrainian power structures in manpower are estimated at 330 people. 

As part of counter-battery combat, the combat effectiveness of four platoons of Grad multiple launch rocket systems, 24 artillery platoons of D-20 howitzers and 13 artillery platoons was reduced D-30 guns. 

Six warehouses with rocket and artillery weapons and ammunition were destroyed, including over two thousand shells for the Grad MLRS, about a thousand shells for Akatsiya self-propelled howitzers.

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