Vučić says Putin’s words about Kosovo complicated Serbia’s position

Putin's words, comparing the situations of Kosovo and Donbass, complicated the situation for Serbia, Vučić said. He also drew attention to the statement of Scholz, who noted that all countries of the Western Balkans should enter the EU, “including Kosovo”

Alexander Vučić

Statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin to UN Secretary General António Guterres about The analogy of the situation in Kosovo and Donbas has complicated the position of Serbia, President Aleksandar Vucic told reporters. A video of the press approach has been posted on his YouTube channel.

On April 26, Putin held talks with Guterres. During the meeting, he recalled that Kosovo was recognized by the International Court of Justice and its decision “was supported by all.” “If this is so, then the republics of Donbass <…> have the same right, without turning to the central authorities of Ukraine, to declare their sovereignty, because the precedent has been created, right? said the Russian president.

Vučić, commenting on this statement, noted that it complicated the position of Serbia. The President is on a working visit to Germany, where he held talks with Chancellor Olaf Scholz and is due to meet with Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock.

Scholz had previously met in Berlin with Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti. At a joint press conference after the talks, the Chancellor declared that “the Western Balkans belong to Europe”; and “all these states should join the EU in the future, including Kosovo.”

“Did you hear Olaf Scholz, what exactly does he say? And who does he think is responsible for what is happening in Bosnia, what he thinks should happen in Kosovo, and also on the issue of sanctions? <…> The statements barely reflect what is going on at the meeting. Our position is complex, terribly complex, and further complicated by President Putin's statements. <…> In the political sense, it has never been harder, and I am afraid that with everything that lies ahead in the economic sense, it has never been harder, — Vucic noted after that.

Serbia did not impose sanctions against Russia. At the same time, she joined the UN General Assembly resolution condemning Russia's actions in Ukraine.

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In 2008, the Parliament of Kosovo unilaterally announced independence, the International Court of Justice recognized this decision as legal. Kosovo's independence is recognized by 98 countries, including the United States, Great Britain, France and Germany. Serbia itself, Russia and a number of other states do not recognize it. Serbia considers Kosovo an autonomous province, whose parliament does not have the authority to secede.

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