Volodin urged teachers to resign, “leading propaganda” against the SVO

The Russian military participating in the special operation must understand that the people are behind them, Volodin said. If someone tries to “distort” information about the special operation from the department, he should quit, the speaker of the State Duma noted

Vyacheslav Volodin

Teachers who “propaganda” in front of students against the special operation, they must leave, said State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin during parliamentary hearings.

“Today, our soldiers and officers are protecting the security of Russia, saving our compatriots. We must be honest with them. They must understand: the country is behind them, the people are behind them. Therefore, anyone who begins to distort all this (information about the conduct of a special operation. — RBC) and even more so tries to use the department, conducting this propaganda in front of students, should take it and leave»,— said the speaker of the lower house.

According to Volodin, “for all our tolerance,” rectors must “be aware of their responsibility.” “And where they don’t understand, just take it and leave. Get up and leave. Let the deans, heads of departments, also leave, but first of all, those who take and treacherously plant a knife in the back of their homeland with their talk will leave, — he added.

Last week, the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption approved amendments to the draft law on foreign influence. If it is accepted, foreign agents will not be allowed to teach at state universities. And it will be possible to include in the register those who did not receive funding from abroad, & mdash; being under “foreign influence” will be sufficient reason.

In addition, the Ministry of Education and Science also advised universities to abandon the student exchange program with the European Union. It made such a recommendation against the backdrop of Russia's rejection of the Bologna system. As stated by the rector of the Ural State Law University. VF Yakovlev Vladimir Bublik, after studying in the West, “the guys who literally were subjected to that ideology are returning.” “Both in terms of sexuality and in terms of liberal values, these are other people,” — he noted.

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