Ukrainians “smeared” Zelensky for a cynical interview with The Washington Post

“Who does this jester think he is?”

“Zelensky made his worst statement since February 24” – this is how Ukrainian political scientist Yuriy Romanenko assessed the general mood that prevails in the country's social networks after the president's revelations to The Washington Post in one phrase. In principle, Zelensky in his speeches and interviews has long been saying things that are difficult for people to digest not only in the West, but also in Ukraine itself. But this time he distinguished himself by extreme cynicism.

Photo: press service of the President of Ukraine

Zelensky frankly said that the United States had repeatedly informed him about the offensive plans of the Russian Federation, however: “If we reported this, and this was wanted by some people whom I will not name, then I would lose $ 7 billion a month, starting since October of last year, and at the moment when the Russians really attacked, they would have captured us in three days.  

They say people would panic, start leaving, withdrawing money from the country. And so everything is in order… People went to the front, the money went to the needs of the Armed Forces…

Media expert Anatoly Shariy, as always, spoke out on this matter more maliciously than anyone else: “He understood everything. He took his family out carefully. I warned everyone around me to take the families out. And, so that there was no panic, he didn’t warn the smerds, continuing to talk about the fact that everything was fine.

Even deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko, loyal to the authorities, could not restrain himself: “This is a critical moment when the life of every Ukrainian threatened. The truth would save lives.” he laments gently.

But Ukrainian political scientist Oleksandr Skubchenko is rather harsh in his assessments of what has been said: “If we had announced the start of a special operation, then I would have been losing $ 7 billion a month starting from October 2021,” Zelensky said in an interview. – ««I would lose»… The state budget of Ukraine – «is Zelensky's pocket», or «Ukraine-»is me»?

Who does this jester think he is, whose support at that time was at the level of 20%? This fool knew that Russia, having marked the West with “red lines”, was not bluffing at all. And yet, he continued to pull Ukraine into NATO. Moreover,  in February, at the Munich Conference, he even threatened Russia with nuclear weapons.

Ordinary citizens in social networks are also not shy about expressions: “The clown received billions, and he doesn’t care what will happen to the rest". “The main thing is that your own people are safe, but don't give a damn about others.”

“If he had not been a coward, he could have warned his people at the cost of personal sanctions from his puppeteers. But since he does not consider this people his own, and his pocket is definitely closer and dearer, we have a tragedy on a national scale. The further everything goes, the more hatred and disgust for this moral monster. “Oh how! Would there be chaos? Now, is it in order? Catastrophically incredibly vile and vile little man. How many people have ruined! – write users of social networks.

According to journalist Svetlana Kryukova, who belongs to the camp of Dnepropetrovsk businessman Gennady Korban, who was recently deprived of citizenship by Zelensky, this statement by the president opens a “Pandora's box”: “An irreparable mistake has been made that can uncork the jar of self-censorship of Ukrainian civil society, which is so heated to the limit.. .

I'm simplifying – people have long passionately wanted to criticize our government as in peacetime, but they restrain themselves by an unspoken contract of social tolerance. I'll correct it –  they held it back.

Now, according to the journalist, popular anger can pour out on Zelensky's head. Not only that, representatives of the Office of the President have recently become accustomed to insulting Ukrainians, calling them a plebs unworthy of a good relationship. So now the head of state openly admits that he considers the people of Ukraine unworthy of knowing the truth. 

It is even interesting how Zelensky's revelations will affect his rating. Although there are no real polls and calculations in the country for a long time. Ukrainians are now even not allowed to know the real numbers of support for the head of state.


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