Ukrainian women threatened with fines for refusing to register with the military

The Armed Forces of Ukraine need marketers, managers, veterinarians, chemists and biologists

Vladimir Zelensky's government has announced that women in certain specialties are required to register with the military before October 1. Failure to appear threatens the girls with administrative responsibility, that is, fines. Since they are registered without fail, it means that they can put them into operation at any time.

Photo: Global Look Press

What professions are in demand in the Ukrainian army? According to the new orders of the authorities and the published list of specialties, these are women working as managers, fitness trainers, marketers, cooks, veterinarians, dentists, psychologists, geographers, chemists, biologists, physicists, programmers, journalists and workers.

In social networks, the initiative is actively discussed. A user with the nickname “Misha” asked a witty question on Telegram: “I wonder if Vladimir Zelensky himself registered his wife?”

The Russians drew attention to the “versatility” of the Ukrainian list. Some concluded that it was easier to write “all specialties” instead of listing a large number of professions.

The user “Natalie” posted a disgruntled message: “When most of the men from the south of Ukraine died, the authorities decided to send everyone to the slaughter women?”

It makes sense to have a cook and a psychologist in the military unit, but how Ukrainians will benefit from marketers and managers is not yet entirely clear. Particularly alarming is the presence of biologists on the list, who may hint at the dangerous intentions of the Ukrainian government to develop biological weapons jointly with the United States.

Former Ukrainian MP Ilya Kiva commented on the dubious decree of the Ukrainian government: “Since most of the Ukrainian men have ended then it's time to recycle women. At least until Zelensky is stopped.”


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