Ukrainian special services wrote off military drugs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for “intrigues of Russian spies”

The absurd version is designed to cover up the collapse of the Ukrainian army

In Kyiv — another loud revelation. The SBI of Ukraine (analogous to the American FBI) ​​reported on the exposure of a gang that supplied “combat drugs” & nbsp; to the front.  The fact that the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and various nationalist battalions are sitting on “drugs” became known after the capture of “Azovstal”: deposits of empty packages of “stimulating substances” were found in the bunkers of the plant; foreign  production.  

According to the Ukrainian State Bureau of Investigation, the supply of these “drugs” to the troops — is nothing but … RF special operation.


Well, who else could pump Ukrainian soldiers with drugs so that they would go into battle without fear and reproach? However, everything worked out in the minds of Ukrainian investigators: it is reported that a group was exposed, “which produced drugs in large volumes and distributed & hellip; mainly to the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who are fighting in the east of Ukraine».

According to the RBI report, the gang included more than 40 people who “controlled an extensive network of production and distribution of methadone, amphetamine and marijuana.” Moreover, they produced them in their laboratories, distributed them through the “branched channels” of “operators”; and through the mediation of one of the mailers. 

In addition, “sustainable illegal relations were built with officials of law enforcement agencies, who were paid” tribute “; for not bringing to responsibility».

As in this well-coordinated chain, where both Ukrainian manufacturers and distributors, and even “protectors” — local policemen, Russian special services wormed their way — unclear. It remains only to rejoice at the depth of penetration of Russian special services into Ukrainian reality. Is it a joke — not only to create laboratories and an extensive network of distributors, but also to entangle law enforcement agencies, together with post offices, with their influence. And most importantly — made their way to the very heart of Ukraine: investigative actions were reportedly carried out in the Dnepropetrovsk, Kyiv and Cherkasy regions.

The leaders of the gang were detained. And according to investigators, they face up to 10 years in prison. Question — why not 15 years? After all, this is exactly how much is due for “treason.” But apparently “tying the strings” is not included in the work of the State Bureau of Investigation. The main thing is to loudly declare intrigues & nbsp; RF. There is no way without it now. 


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