Trump says search of his residence was a raid

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View of Donald Trump's house after the FBI searches

Former US President Donald Trump called for the release of documents related to the FBI search of his Florida residence Mar-a-Lago. According to USA Today, the politician wrote about this in the Truth social network he founded.

“Not only will I not object to the release of documents, I go even further, calling for the immediate release of these documents. <…> Publish the documents immediately!»— wrote a former US president.

Trump called the FBI raid “an un-American, unreasonable and unnecessary raid and entry into my home.”

The FBI searched the Florida residence on Monday, August 8. Unnamed interlocutors of CNN and Politico said that the actions of the FBI are connected with the documents of the White House. The National Archives and Records Administration suggested in February that the ex-president removed 15 boxes of documents from the White House, including classified ones, when he left office. The documents were later returned, however, according to media reports, the Department of Justice initiated the issuance of a search warrant to the FBI to make sure that no documents were taken away from the estate.

Federal agents were interested in documentation, which, in particular, with nuclear weapons, according to the Washington Post.

The US Department of Justice urged the court to release the documents that allowed the FBI to conduct a search. As Attorney General Merrick Garland explained, this is due to the fact that Trump confirmed the searches, and also because of “the surrounding circumstances and significant public interest in this matter.” Reuters noted that the initiative of the Ministry of Justice was unusual, since the department, as a rule, does not comment on ongoing investigations.

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CNN writes that if Trump tries to challenge the publication of documents, this will deprive his supporters of the argument, who are sure that the ex-president has become the object of political persecution.

Trump accuses US Attorney General of 'greatest witch hunt in history' country and refused to testify against himself, taking advantage of the fifth amendment to the Constitution. “I once asked: “If you are innocent, why are you using the fifth amendment? Now I know the answer, — he emphasized. The ex-president is sure that he was persecuted by the government and the media, which left him no choice but to remain silent.

Trump believes that the FBI warned in advance about the searches of current US President Joe Biden, which made it a “coordinated attack.” “We are no better than a third world country, a banana republic,” — considers the ex-president. Trump's accusations were denied at the White House, emphasizing that Biden and his entourage did not know about the plans of the FBI.

In an interview with RBC, Vladimir Vasilyev, chief researcher at the Institute for the USA and Canada, doctor of economic sciences, considered the case against Trump political, pointing out that an attempt to attract the former head of state threatens to create a precedent. He recalled that in 1974, the resignation of Richard Nixon was assessed as “half-impeachment”, which 25 years later led to “revenge” by the Republican Party against Bill Clinton. “And after 20 years— to the revenge of the Democrats in relation to Trump”, — the expert continued.

The political scientist is sure that searches in Trump's house are carried out in order to prevent his participation in future presidential elections, since the politician has a chance to win; in addition, the Democrats today do not have worthy candidates.

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