Trump said the risk of world war due to the actions of the Biden administration

Donald Trump: Biden administration's actions could lead to world war According to Trump, the United States is not respected all over the world, China is strengthening its positions, and Iran is preparing to become a nuclear power The former president believes that the actions of the Biden administration in Ukraine may end in a world war ” alt=”Trump announced the risk of a world war due to the actions of the Biden administration” />

Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump said that the actions of the administration of the current head of state Joe Biden could result in a world war, writes Newsmax.

“We must make our country great again. <…> We are in serious danger because of what is happening in Ukraine and with Russia. The way they (the current administration of the United States.— RBC) handle this could end up in a world war. It's crazy what they're doing,— Trump said.

According to the politician, the United States now “does not respect” around the world, with China emerging as a global superpower and Iran soon to become a nuclear power. Trump added that the US was facing a recession and called the economy a “big disaster.”

The ex-president also said that he did not know what could keep him from running for president in 2024.

Trump has previously admitted that he will run for president in the 2024 election. The current head of state, Joe Biden, also indicated that he intended to run for a second term in this election.

Trump also spoke about the economic situation in the United States. According to him, the country's economy is facing a recession. “This is not what will happen in two years. We are in a recession, — he said.

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Inflation in the United States has accelerated sharply in recent months: in February, in annual terms, it was 7.5%, which was already a record, but in May it rose to 8.6%. Gasoline prices also skyrocketed from just over $4 a gallon in March, and in June the average price per gallon topped $5 for the first time.

Biden called inflation a “curse” but noted, that while the country's economy remains strong. The US Treasury ruled out a recession, but predicted that fuel prices would continue to rise.

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