Three dry cargo ships left the ports of Odessa and Chernomorsk

Three more dry cargo ships left the ports of Odessa and Chernomorsk and headed for Istanbul for inspection, the Turkish Ministry of Defense reports. Earlier in Kyiv, they announced that the ships would transport 58 thousand tons of corn /88/756596885294887.png” alt=”Three cargo ships left the ports of Odessa and Chernomorsk” />


Dry cargo ships Navistar, Rojen and Polarnet have left Ukrainian ports and are heading towards Istanbul for inspection. This was reported by the Turkish Ministry of Defense on its Twitter. Earlier, it was reported in Kyiv that dry cargo ships would transport Ukrainian corn.

The day before, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov announced the dispatch of three ships from Odessa and Chornomorsk. The minister said that after that, a caravan will be formed, which will go to the ports of destination. It was about dry cargo ships Navistar, Rojen and Polarnet. It was planned to send 58 thousand tons of corn on board.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Defense, Navistar left Odessa under the flag of Panama and transports 33,000 tons of corn. Rojen went from Chernomorsk to the UK. There are 13 thousand tons of corn on board. The cargo ship Polarnet also left Chernomorsk. The ship is sailing under the Turkish flag. There are 12 thousand tons of corn on board. The ultimate goal of delivery— port of Karasu. All vessels will be inspected by a joint inspection team at the port of Istanbul.

From the beginning of the special military operation, Kyiv accused Moscow of blocking ports. Moscow responded by saying that Ukraine had mined its ports. At the same time, a food crisis began to develop in the world.

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22 July Russia and Ukraine, mediated by Turkey and the UN, concluded a “grain deal”. The parties agreed to create a safe sea corridor for the passage of commercial ships with grain from Ukrainian ports— Odessa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny. As part of the deal, Moscow guarantees the safe passage of Ukrainian ships, while Turkey conducts inspections and checks for the presence of weapons on ships.

Razoni, the first dry cargo ship with Ukrainian agricultural products on board, left Odessa on the morning of August 1. On August 2, in the evening, he arrived in Istanbul, where he then underwent a search: he was checked for weapons and ammunition. A dry cargo ship sailing under the flag of Sierra Leone to Lebanon, it carries 26,000 tons of corn.

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