The United States was going to provide Ukraine with anti-missile NASAMS

Air defense crews are likely to come from Lithuania

The United States is going to supply medium and long-range missile defense systems to Ukraine. This is reported by CNN, citing an informed source. Earlier, it was about possible deliveries of American Patriots to Ukraine. Later, the idea somehow came to naught. According to experts, the Pentagon decided not to risk it. If these advertised complexes perform poorly in Ukraine, then this may damage their export history.

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So what systems are the US planning to supply to Ukraine? This was told to MK by a military expert, ex-commander of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Special Forces Command (Moscow Air Defense), retired colonel Sergey Khatylev.

“The United States promises to deliver the Norwegian NASAMS complex to Ukrainians,” the expert explained. – More precisely, this is a joint production complex – the Norwegian and American company Raytheon. It is clear that the Ukrainian air defense servicemen are absolutely not familiar with these complexes.

– They have not yet trained anyone for these complexes. Combat crews need to be prepared for at least six months. And even then, given that these people already have preliminary training, that is, they are already air defense officers or civilian specialists.

– I think that in this case, foreign combat crews will almost certainly be used. Most likely Norwegian. In general, this complex was purchased by nine countries, including Australia and Lithuania. Therefore, the calculations can be not only Norwegian, but also from one of these countries. I do not exclude, for example, that from Lithuania.

– Here's the thing: rockets with a range of up to 180 kilometers are actually being developed for NASAMS. But this does not mean at all that the complex will be delivered with such missiles. This is the same as it was with the HIMARS complex: they promised missiles with one range, but they sent them with a completely different one. It's the same here.

For NASAMS, there are rockets of various modifications. Basically, these are former American aircraft missiles that were converted for an air defense system. The range of such a NASAMS with one type of rocket is 20 kilometers, with another – 40. According to my information – and I used the information that the United States officially provides regarding these deliveries – they plan to send NASAMS to Ukraine in the version with a range of 20-40 km. Well, that is, it is approximately an analogue of our “Shell” or “Thor”. Also, of course, nothing good, but, as in a joke – “not horror-horror.”


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