The State Duma proposed to ban rallies near schools and government buildings

The proposal is contained in a new bill that was submitted to the State Duma to “bring current legislation into line with the law on persons under foreign influence”

A new draft was submitted to the State Duma to develop legislation on foreign agents, in It proposes to ban rallies and demonstrations on the territories of schools and public authorities. The bill appeared in the database of the lower house.

It is proposed to include the following places where meetings, rallies, processions, demonstrations are prohibited:

  • buildings and territories of river, sea, railway and automobile stations and stations, airports;
  • buildings and territories of educational and medical institutions, social protection organizations;
  • children's and sports grounds;
  • religious premises, buildings and structures, as well as the land plots on which they are located.

Subjects may additionally determine places where meetings and rallies are prohibited, if this is due to historical and other objective features of the region, the document notes.

According to the current legislation (Art. demonstrations, marches and pickets”), rallies and other similar events cannot be held in areas near hazardous production facilities, overpasses, railway lines and adjacent to presidential residences, court buildings, emergency services, places of detention.


The introduction of the bill was previously announced by Senator Andrey Klimov. The senator explained that the new document is aimed at “strengthening the protection of society and the state from the threats caused by the all-out hybrid war unleashed by the West with Russia.” The amendments will affect the laws “On Education”, “On Military Service”, “On Public Service” and others, but not affected by the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses, he noted.

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The document develops the provisions of the draft “On Control over the Activities of Persons Under Foreign Influence”, which was submitted to the Duma at the end of April and has already been adopted in the first reading.

It formulates the following concepts like “foreign agent” and “foreign influence”. The authors proposed to consider a foreign agent a person “who has received support and (or) is under foreign influence in other forms.” Under foreign influence, according to the document, is understood the provision of support to a person by a foreign source, for example, by a foreign state or its authorities, and it can be expressed not only in money, but also in organizational and methodological assistance.

The bill provides for a ban on those who have received the status foreign agent to organize public events (rallies, marches, pickets), conduct teaching, educational and educational activities for minors and receive state financial support.

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