The political scientist assessed the chances of Poland’s intervention in the conflict in Ukraine

It is unlikely, but Poland may respond to a strike on the country

In late April, the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, said that Poland plans to establish control over “its historical territories”, therefore, it is going to introduce troops to Western Ukraine under the pretext of “protection against Russian aggression.” Domestic experts consider such a scenario unlikely, but at the same time, Poland may well respond to a blow to its territory.


In an interview with, the head of the Political Expert Group, political scientist Konstantin Kalachev said that there is no likelihood of Polish troops entering Ukraine. According to the expert, Poland is a member of NATO, and all decisions in the bloc are taken by consensus. At the same time, the political scientist stressed that Poland could act independently if the country was struck.

As an example, Kalachev suggested that Poland would react harshly if military facilities on the country's border were hit, and these facilities were transshipment points for the supply of Western equipment to Ukraine. In this case, according to the expert, Poland would have acted “regardless of NATO's position.”

The specialist believes that the exercises with the movement of columns of military equipment, announced by the Polish Ministry of Defense, are a demonstration of the strength and capabilities of the Polish army. According to Kalachev, Poland believes that Russian threats primarily apply to it.

The political scientist stressed that when statements about the need to stop the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine, the question immediately arises about Poland, which is the territory of transit of these weapons . In addition, Kalachev added that Ukrainian specialists are trained in the use of the latest systems or weapons systems unfamiliar to them in Poland.

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