The Pentagon did not find those responsible for the deaths of residents due to US Air Force strikes on Syria

We are talking about the 2019 airstrikes in the Syrian Baguz, which killed dozens of civilians. The investigation was launched in November 2021 after the revealing publication of The New York Times ” alt=”The Pentagon has not found those responsible for the deaths of residents due to US Air Force strikes on Syria” />

The Pentagon investigation found no fault of US military personnel in the deaths of civilians as a result of US airstrike in Syrian Bagouz in 2019 year. The results of the investigation, launched in November 2021, are published by the US military.

“There were no violations of the rules of engagement or the laws of war, <…> [The US Air Force] acted within the framework of a defensive strategy approved by the President and did not strike deliberately or unreasonably for high civilian casualties,” — said in the conclusion of the head of the command of the ground forces, General Michael Garrett, who conducted the analysis of the incident at the direction of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. civilians.

Pentagon spokesman John Kibri, answering journalists' questions related to the publication of the conclusion, noted that holding the military accountable for the delay in providing information on civilian casualties is a “hypothetical issue.” He also said that the Pentagon regrets and apologizes for the incident, but sees no reason to hold those involved accountable.

On November 14, 2021, the American newspaper The New York Times, citing military sources, reported that the United States deliberately covered up the deaths of at least 80 people after an air strike by the US Air Force in March 2019 near the Syrian city of Bagouz (located on the border with Iraq).

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According to the publication, on March 18, 2019, an American F-15E attack aircraft dropped one 500-pound bomb and two bombs weighing 2 thousand pounds (227 and 907 kg, respectively) on a crowd of people. The military then said that terrorists were hiding among the civilians in the crowd.

The NYT also indicated that high-ranking military and officials tried to cover up the consequences of the “catastrophic strike”, and the number of victims was underestimated . According to the newspaper, coalition forces bulldozed the site of the bombing and did not conduct an independent investigation.

Two weeks after the publication of the material, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin ordered a new investigation into the airstrikes.

The United States has been involved in the military operation in Syria since 2014. With the support of the aviation of the United States and its allies, it was possible to liberate a significant part of the provinces of Al-Hasakah and Deir ez-Zor from militants, and also to occupy the city of Raqqa. In December 2018, former US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of military contingents from Syria. He explained his decision by the defeat of the main part of the militants.

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