The Netherlands will suspend the issuance of visas to Russians

The Dutch Foreign Ministry made this decision after the Russian authorities announced the expulsion of 15 employees of the consular department of the Dutch Embassy

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Russia

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs will suspend the issuance of short-stay visas to Russians from April 27. It is reported by “RIA Novosti” with reference to the country's embassy in Russia.

“Due to the decision of the Russian government to declare employees of the consular department of the Dutch embassy persona non grata, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the kingdom was forced to suspend the issuance of short-stay visas to citizens of the Russian Federation from April 27, 2022” ,— stated in the diplomatic mission.

An exception will be made for requests for humanitarian reasons, with a temporary residence permit or good reasons provided for by a bilateral agreement.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of the Netherlands Hilles Arno Beschoor Pluh. He was handed a note in which 14 employees of the embassy in Moscow and one employee of the consulate general in St. Petersburg were declared persona non grata. The ministry stressed that these measures were taken in response to the expulsion by the Netherlands of employees of the Russian embassy.

At the end of March, the Netherlands declared 17 Russian diplomats persona non grata. They were suspected of espionage. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned that Russia would retaliate against unfriendly measures.

In connection with the EU sanctions, the Netherlands also froze the assets of Russians in the amount of €516 million. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte allowed the weakening of EU anti-Russian sanctions if a possible peace agreement between Moscow and Kyiv includes a provision on respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty Ukraine.

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Russia has added the Netherlands to the list of unfriendly countries. Russian citizens, companies and the state are allowed to pay off foreign currency obligations to foreign creditors from such states in rubles.

Also, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to transfer payments for gas into rubles for unfriendly countries 23 Martha. The new gas payment scheme came into effect on April 1.

Nevertheless, in mid-April, the Dutch government instructed energy companies to abandon the new conditions for the purchase of Russian gas. A representative of the country's Ministry of Economy told Bloomberg that Amsterdam considered that the transfer of payments to Gazprom in rubles will be a violation of the sanctions.

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