The Kremlin saw Johnson’s idea of ​​an alliance as a “cabal to undermine the EU”

The military alliance of Kyiv, London and the Baltic States will become a threat to the positions of the EU, one must be careful about the data of Corriere della Sera, Peskov believes. According to the newspaper, Johnson called for unity on distrust of the EU and criticism of Russia jpg” alt=”The Kremlin saw Johnson's idea of ​​an alliance as a “cabal to undermine the EU” />

The Kremlin does not have information about a possible proposal by the UK to create a military, political and economic alliance with Ukraine, however, they believe that such initiatives threaten the positions of the European Union, said the representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, RBC correspondent reports.

Earlier about this The proposal was reported by the Corriere della Sera newspaper, citing sources.

“We do not know if Boris Johnson had such initiatives. In this sense, it suggests that, apparently, he is proposing such a cabal to undermine the position of the EU, — he said.

Peskov urged caution in the published information: “With all due respect to Corriere della Sera, let's treat [this data] as a media report.”


Interlocutors of Corriere della Sera said that the British prime minister first proposed to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to create an alliance during a visit to Kyiv in early April. Johnson pointed out that it should include those states that are “united in distrust of Brussels”; and reactions to the start of a military operation by Russia: Great Britain, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, later Turkey may join the association.

These states will be united by a “zealous defense of national sovereignty,” a liberal approach to the economy, and a determination to “be as uncompromising as possible to the military threat from Moscow,” Corriere della Sera sources say.

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According to them, the Ukrainian authorities have not yet voiced a clear position on this initiative, the newspaper writes, Zelensky intends to wait for the summit on June 23, at which the EU countries will consider the country's application for candidate member status.

The European Union and Ukraine signed an association agreement in 2014, since 2019 the Ukrainian Constitution has enshrined the desire to join the EU and NATO. Zelensky applied to join the European Union a few days after the start of Russia's special operation, on February 28, calling for its approval “immediately”.

The process of Ukraine's accession to the European Union could take years, warned German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. French President Emmanuel Macron conceded that it would take decades. “Let's be honest, the European Union cannot be the only means of structuring the European continent,” — he noted at the same time. A number of European countries have adopted a position of “strategic uncertainty” on the issue of Kyiv's application, said the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba, “surrogates for the status of a candidate for the EU”; Ukrainians are not satisfied.

The Russian authorities expressed doubt that Ukraine's accession to the European Union would be “harmless”. As Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov explained, this attitude is due to the fact that the EU “from a constructive economic platform, as which it was created, has turned into an aggressive militant player who declares his ambitions far beyond the European continent.”

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