The head of “Rosnano” told Putin about the “systemic errors” in the corporation

Kulikov briefed Putin on plans to change the company's portfolio, with critical infrastructure support and technological sovereignty becoming a new priority. He also announced the return of 20 billion rubles by the corporation. debt

Vladimir Putin and Sergey Kulikov

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the head of Rosnano Sergey Kulikov, at which he told the head of state about working with creditors and the market, as well as “systemic errors”, according to the state corporation's Telegram channel.

“The meeting discussed approaches to working with creditors and the market, systemic errors and the role of shareholder and investor representatives in the development of the company, strategic forks in the way of improving the system of technological entrepreneurship,” — the message says.

According to Rosnano, Kulikov informed Putin about the plan to change the implementation of the historical portfolio of the state corporation until 2024. “His new priority will be to support critical infrastructure, create alternative suppliers for the most important products, and ensure the country's technological sovereignty,” noted in the company.

As the Kremlin press service reported, Kulikov also told the president that in 2021 the state corporation managed to return the first 20 billion rubles. “We are repaying our debts, last year we repaid the first 20 billion. For those with whom we agree on a discount, we, of course, meet halfway, but the interest is accumulating, — explained the head of “Rosnano”.

Kulikov noted that 233 billion rubles were invested in the state-owned company during its work, and 155 billion rubles were received from exits from the portfolio and assets. until 2020. “We added another 50 billion rubles to this piggy bank last year, so we overcame the psychological barrier of 200 billion rubles, equaling the investment costs,” — he said.

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In March, Kulikov sent a letter to the Prosecutor General's Office, in which he asked to check the activities of Rosnano. in the period from 2010 to 2020, when Anatoly Chubais was in charge of the company, RBC wrote. The head of the corporation said that in 2010–2020, the volume of external borrowings by Rosnano exceeded 290 billion rubles. By the end of 2020, the company's debt amounted to more than 146 billion rubles, and the cost of servicing it in 2010–2021— 126 billion rubles, it was noted in Kulikov's appeal. He drew attention to the fact that “Rosnano” in 2017 and 2018 decided to pay dividends to the government for 1.1 billion rubles, which only “worsened the financial situation”.

Chubais himself said in January that “despite all the difficulties”, thanks to “the Rusnano» Nanoindustry was created in Russia. Bloomberg reported in March that Chubais had resigned as the president's special envoy for sustainable development and relations with international organizations and left Russia. RBC sources said that he left for Istanbul. The Kremlin later confirmed that Chubais resigned of his own accord.

In May, Rosnano reported that the company's net profit for 2021 under international financial reporting standards amounted to 0.7 billion rubles. A year earlier, the company suffered a loss of 52.9 billion rubles. The state-owned company recorded a profit for the first time since 2018, then it amounted to 1.057 billion rubles.


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