The FSB explained the conditions for refugees after Moskalkova’s words about the camps

Law enforcement officers are working with citizens of Ukraine placed in filtration points for as long as necessary, the FSB representative said. The Ombudsman said that she receives complaints about the conditions of detention in these centers =”The FSB explained the conditions for refugees after the words of Moskalkova about the camps” />

There are no abuses during the searches of Ukrainian citizens who are placed in filtration checkpoints, FSB representative Mikhail Sheludyaev is sure. He stated this at a meeting of the expert council under the Commissioner for Human Rights, RBC correspondent reports.

“If you work with a person for 20 minutes, or maybe three hours, then this is necessary. This means that this is being done in order not to transfer these horrors that are happening there, here, to Russia. This is all justified. Here one must literally understand that we have a difficult history and that we are working in the interests of the security of the state, — said Sheludyaev.

An FSB spokesman responded to Tatyana Moskalkova, Commissioner for Human Rights under the President of Russia, who said that human rights activists were “concerned about the filtration points of checks.”

“We have no doubt that the goals are justified <…>. But the conditions for keeping people there must be decent. I receive numerous letters that documents are confiscated from people, not everyone is provided with a bed, medical care, and this, of course, is wrong, — she said.

According to the FSB spokesman, “hiding behind the status of refugees” trying also citizens who cross the border illegally. “There are fugitives from justice, <…> they have nothing to do with refugees, but they are all actively trying to hide behind this status, — said Sheludyaev.

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“About missing faces: we’ll see what those stories are. Regarding the executions at the border— well, that's not serious. There are no such cases, this is beyond,»,— answered this representative of the FSB.

The Commissioner for Human Rights in the Moscow Region, Ekaterina Semenova, in turn, called undressing people during checks a necessary measure. “Whoever needs to be, we will undress, such is the time now. <…> Among women— there are a lot of snipers among Ukrainian servicemen. And tattoos— this is one of the moments that reveals those Nazis who are working on the other side today. <…> This is a forced measure in order to identify, & mdash; said Semenova.

«Filtration measures» are carried out in the DPR in relation to persons who lived in the territories previously controlled by Ukraine. This is necessary in order to prevent “persons involved in the security forces of Ukraine, members of nationalist battalions, members of sabotage and reconnaissance groups, as well as their accomplices” from entering the territory of the republic, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic reported. After verification, citizens are issued “relevant documents”.

Also, “filtering” Citizens who left the settlements affected by the hostilities must pass, they need to come to the police department “at the place of their actual stay” for verification.

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